Googlebot: Proof

Googlebot has free rein here, just like other bots.
It has crawled ~20meg of data.

Go search for “codingvisions” – Tamba2 is #1
Go search for “freshlypressed” – Tamba2 is #1
Go search for “tamba2” – this domain does not exist.

Both of those domains have a PR of 0, yet this blog has a PR of –

The links to those other two domains exist in only one place – here in the sidebar. Now if Google can crawl my site and put those two search results at #1, yet also deny that this domain exists that must surely show that my domain is blacklisted. I have asked Google for clarification (though I do not expect them to acknowledge anything and to use the bot as an excuse).Now … if they are taking my data but not using it, why should I let them ?

2 thoughts on “Googlebot: Proof

  1. And this is what I do not understand.
    They have been in, and all they have used is two links. Now if those two links did not get #1 in Google last week but they do today, why is my site not listed anywhere else at all ?
    If they want to take 20meg of data just to return 2 url’s, that seems just….. odd / wrong.

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