Gaming on the cheap.

Story here on the BBC that a guy has been convicted for chipping an Xbox. He was chipping the black crates and fitting them with a huge HD complete with 80 games. (And for £380 which was still a rip-off given the quality of the games for the brute). Anyway .. back to the court. The story headline says what the conviction was for, yet the body of the story skips any further detail. So if we take the BBC at face value – and who are we to disagree ? – then chipping an xbox is indeed an offence and must not be done. On the other hand, stuffing 80 games onto another HD and dropping that into xbox’s is okay – they didn’t do him for that did they ? I’m sure he won’t see the positive side yet, but at least he has room for a PS2 and a GC now 🙂

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