Live what ?

Well yeah, of course me watching it all on the TV will help make everything better won’t it ? Or maybe watching it all and then going and buying CD’s of the featured acts will help won’t it ? Or maybe believing the simplistic junk that is spouted by so many people who wear that white band but don’t really have a clue will help won’t it ? Or watching and cheering all the people who’ve gone along for the beer and parties will help won’t it ? Now I want you to take a guess, a wild ‘stab in the dark’ …. will I be near the TV today ?

4 thoughts on “Live what ?

  1. Well I will be, and I’m refusing to let your cynicism (sp?) get to me! 😀 (Not that I think anyone ever said that you watching it on TV will help…).

    The whole idea is to raise awareness and pressure, no? Which I can’t see that as being a bad thing. I just wish I could have gone to Edinburgh today rather than being parked in front of the TV.

  2. I shouldn’t spoil anyone’s enjoyment.

    However, all this does remove the focus from poverty in this country. As a nation we may be rich but why doesn’t Sir Bob yell about child poverty, child abuse, poor healthcare, the manipulation of benefits to both take money away from people and also take them out of statistics, why does he not promote a children’s charity here, or one for the homeless or one for any one cause who has as their target people in the UK ? This is not a racist case – it’s simple – many countries can help Africa but only the UK can help the UK.
    Tony Blair should look to the roots of the movement he now leads and address the issues which he was both elected on and has a moral duty to act on. Events such as this simply allow the focus to be removed from the domestic agenda – like Iraq too.

  3. Sir Geldof likes getting his name in lights, and I suppose the simple fact is that he wouldn’t get the backing for ‘Save the kids’ of the UK or whatever. There’s not enough pretty TV if their suffering to make anyone care… It’s a strange one, because there’s no doubt he’s doing somethin good and significant, yet there are problems closer to home being ignored!

    Only reason I’d have watched it (I didn’t) Pink Floyd back together again!!! It’s all about the MUSIC man, not the politics 🙂

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