Leaving ?

Remember during the US elections all those ‘stars’ who said that if Bush won they’d leave the country ? And when they didn’t, everyone called them ?

Remember during the UK elections all the right-wingers who said if Blair got back that they would leave the country ? But those attention-seeking wimps too are still here ?

I wonder who will be on the plane when GWB gets his undoubted way in the Supreme Court and bans abortion ? (what’s that ? Is that the sound of an entry being edited ?)

9 thoughts on “Leaving ?

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  2. I’m reading quite emotive stuff on both sides of the argument, though it seems the anti-Bush brigade fear the worst.
    I am totally pro-choice, but with regard to my comment I know someone that said they would leave if it happened – and I want them to prove it if it does. They won’t of course which will further prove what they are like, but spectating will be fun.

  3. Nope, all they need is to replace Sandra Day O’Connor with an anti-choice justice. It was her one vote that blocked the repeal of Roe v. Wade in 1989. It’s not just abortion rights that are at stake, here in the States, however. Seems Bush is willing to push a Supreme Court nominee who would make everyone not a white male conservative Christian a second class citizen.

    America is so tired of being embarassed by Bush and crew… remember that 49 percent of us voted against him.

  4. J.C – I know many did, and maybe if everything had been allowed the result would have been a different one. It’s certainly not my intention to embarrass any Americans – just those that have shot their mouths off to try and look like they have principles when in fact they have none.

    Could it be though that this re-election of Bush (as bad as it is and will be) is demonstrating just how much power the Office of President has if he chooses to wield it in such an awful way ? That said, I know nothing of the US constitution or the political structure.

  5. Yo Mark, sad truth again with your political posts attracting my comment attention, but my understanding of the legal opinion on Roe is that if it were overturned, it would make a federal ban on abortion verboten as well, because the decision was based on a national taking of the right of states to legislate on that activity at the state level. An overturn of Roe would merely allow individual states to enact laws banning it, as well as—in the case of a few—criminalizing those who go out of state to do so. Sad but true; such is the intended nature of interstate legislation that was nabbed by the fed. Much like the Raich decision on med-MJ. Now growing a potted plant from seeds acquired from within the same state whose intent is personal medicianal use has been power-nabbed as “interstate commerce.”

    *Sigh* It isn’t just Justice O’C who helps expand the federal gov’t’s powers. Oh well, man, oh well.

  6. Long time no talk. I worry that the state of the USA is going to get worse before it gets better. I don’t foresee myself leaving anytime soon, but I’ve thought of Canada.

    Of course, my ultimate would be to get a little place in the English countryside, raise sheep and veggies, and live like a hermit. 🙂

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