I’ve got a cron job :)

So I blogged that I’d got a cron job backing up the database. It worked, but it was doing more than I wanted it to. I have a few plugins that create their own tables and fill them with data which is all lovely when you want to look at the data, but if the blog goes boom, does that extra data matter ? No. It does not. And when backing up, all that data can swell not only the downloaded file, but it can also get in the way when you try to restore – it is pointless restoring stats for a blog that died isn’t it ? So…. looking at automysql I wanted only core files backed up but try as I might it didn’t work. Time to write one ! (Yes I know it’s probably not that complicated, but it was my first time with writing this stuff).
Opened up PuTTY and slowly, a command or two at a time, I tapped away. I hit a couple of stumbling blocks which had me stumped but kudos to kyle and justin in #wordpress for helping me out. It’s run now 3 times without a problem. Next is to properly check by installing the sql into a new install, and then to write the line that deletes the file on the server.

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