One good, one not so.

  1. I have a cron job backing up my db nightly. This is a good thing.
  2. PC World, despite saying on the phone that they would issue a refund have decided they will not. Yet. I have the card back and i have to take it to the store to prove it’s defective nature. Excuse me ? You had the damn card, you could have done it yourself you incompetent idiots. So yes, I will take it and I will ask them to give me yet another receipt as they plug it in and keep it. And you know what ? Unless they really watch it, it will reconnect won’t it ? PC World ? Scammers.

Must note this for future reference:
PC World Customer Service Department
1 Nunnery Square
The Parkway
Sheffield S2 5DD
Telephone: 0870 154 5580
Fax: 0870 241 1934

(And Mr Durham …. overrules staff so causing the Co. to lie. Nice. Typical too. Lying must be endemic in the Dixons Store Group).

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