Update & Check your version

Version is now available – http://wordpress.org/download.
This addresses a security issue. Use it !

  1. Go get this: Version Checking plugin
  2. Install
  3. Rest safely knowing that you will be notified if WP is updated for security reasons.

And I can STILL see lots of blogs that are not
You know… it would probably take them longer to hack your blog if you posted your ftp details.

(Bri / Daniel – you are upgraded, as is ted-crane, the sandbox installs, the trackback blog and 6 others elsewhere. Painless stuff 🙂 )

  • BACKUP your database !
  • BACKUP your files …… then …..
  • Delete /wp-admin/
  • Delete /wp-includes/
  • Delete all the wordpress files in the same directory as wp-rss2.php EXCEPT wp-config.php
  • Upload the new ones
  • Run http://example.com/wp-admin/upgrade.php

23 thoughts on “Update & Check your version

  1. Joss – vars.php does not hold the version number.

    I ALWAYS recommend that people do a FULL upgrade unless they have a heavily hacked install and know precisely what they are doing. Fiddling with little files and individual lines of code takes longer and can lead to errors. For want of a few seconds, it’s not worth it.

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