Tom Cruise: Jackass

The American Psychiatric Association have responded to that idiot Cruise (Link (PDF) / BBC) and have made something of the case against him. It’s a shame that they didn’t really take the bit between their teeth and actually call him and his pseudo-cult a bunch of lying, shallow and gullible morons. As it stands, at least the news channels appears to be giving this two-fingered response equal prominence – makes a change.
Why don’t the Press have more of a go at the complete bunk known as Scientology ? EVERYONE knows it is total bollocks yet it attracts hardly any criticism from the mainstream media. Why ? They afraid that Travolta and Cruise will not make any other films ? It’s not like we’d miss Cruise at all is it ? Short-arsed know-it-all with the intellectual abilities of a rabid hamster.
Cruise says “”There is no such thing as a chemical imbalance.” (Link). I hope, I really do hope, that he or someone in his family is struck with a mental health problem and then maybe his eyes will be opened. Or maybe Scientologists (‘ologist’ – makes the idiots seem almost savant) strap people into chairs and torture the evil spirits out ?

Strange – he says something that is blatantly untrue, yet when people say “Tom Cruise really is gay” he sues.

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  1. HA!

    One of the main reasons the media doesn’t do a scathing expose of Scientology is that Scientology has a long and litigious history of suing the shit out anybody who attempts it. The typical defendant can’t match their deep pockets, and doesn’t have the time and energy to drag out a lawsuit for years, if necessary.

    On the U.S. psychiatrists’ statement: I know it isn’t PC and all that to call a spade a spade, and it isn’t kosher to be (god forbid) JUDGEMENTAL about another’s so-called beliefs, but c’mon. They’re a doing a huge disservice to the very community they represent by not speaking out more strongly about Cruise’s bullshit. Cruise has invalidated all the millions of people (in the U.S. alone) with those “fake” chemical imbalances.

    I don’t normally follow ‘celebrity’ news, but this has given me a case of the red-ass like you can’t believe. It’s wrong, it’s dangerous, and shame on those in the American psychiatric community and the U.S. media without the balls to speak out against this kind of blatant propaganda. Cruise told Matt Lauer that not only had he studied the ‘history of psychiatry’, but that he’s also read all the various scientific journal articles about pharmaceuticals and mental illness. One wonders how he has had time to make movies.

  2. Reading Technovia this morning, I find a link to Tom Cruise, Scientology and Me which makes me think that bloggers could do something here.
    I have no assets, there is no point in suing me or this site – take me offline is no problem as I would be back in minutes. So bloggers could all harangue, defame, libel, whatever and the noise level – at least on the net and in Search Engines – would grow. Who would/could they sue ? Would ISP’s cave in ?
    It IS the financial side which stops bigger companies but where one big battle could be fought, many small battles would fail from their point of view.

    I can imagine all the patients seeing their shrinks “Do I REALLY need this tablets ?”

    Tom Cruise should be shot.

    How would a little blog like mine go about libelling Scientology ? Hell, I’ll even send them the link. Maybe I did already .. I’ll go find their email address.

  3. Just a tiny little squeek for the people occationally crushed in the wheels… I *didn’t* need the pills! I took them, trustingly, on 4 occations, and they nearly killed me.
    True, I did need *some* pills, but not those ones.

    Scientology is nuts, I visited the church in Washington DC and it gave me the full on creeps! But there is a case for not medicating the crap out of anyone who shows the slightest sign of a tear.

  4. Cat – true, very true. That said, without meds I would either be dead or locked up and sedated into a zombified state. The problem with fucktards like Cruise is that it’s an “I AM RIGHT” approach which is blatantly not right or even ethical. It’s morally wrong to use terms like that.

    I’ve an idea ….. maybe a blogger blog ? by TC ? Where he really spills the secrets of his own scientology beliefs ? I’ll brb…..

  5. I need my 75mg every day. Without it, I’d soon be a mess. Oh, wait, I’m not a member of Cruise’s cult. Maybe if I DID join, then I wouldn’t have to spend all that money to stay healthy in my head. What a fool I have been.

    Where do I sign up?

    BTW – I’m dying to see War of the Worlds! 😛

  6. Apparently Tom ‘Jackass’ and ‘Gay’ Cruise never had to struggle in life. He has been given an advantage, coming from a upper middle class upbringing, blessed by great looks etc. He had a silver spoon his whole life. He never had a near death experience, lost a business, went bankrupt, had his car towed away etc. to bring him to hid knees and then making him calloused to hardships. This guy has and had it all. It is easy for him to comment about the woes of others, not having experienced one iota of a hardship – ever. A divorce from another wealthy actress? Not quite the same thing as a pulmonary embolism that almost took me out of the game, and made all of the above happen to me after the injury.

    I have no shame taking Zoloft. It helped me through very, very difficult times. How dare he prejudge others for hardships he never had to endure. I doubt very highly that he ever drove around looking for a bus to run him over, just to take himself out of this cruel planet. Drop Dead Cruise. You a a punk-ass wimp and are dumb as a doorknob.

  7. Is tom a complete jackas with little talent. All the people I know seem to to think so. The films he is in appear to to surguest the same. Is he jewish, people ask me! Why do people ask this is the medea controled by them?

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