Updating stuff.

The about page has been updated, and the freeware page has been recreated.

Note to rockstar games: the camera / camera control in San Andreas is supremely crap, I’m hitting far far too many dead patches where the character gets locked into a tiny area by invisible barriers and when I press a button I expect an action, not a pause. The success of your game maybe says more about the lack of opposition ? If you cost me a controller, I will bill you. (Hey, it’ll make you laugh 😉 )

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5 thoughts on “Updating stuff.

  1. I use a gamepad/joypad/joystick for flying and driving and its not too bad (most of the time). Ive no idea how I would get on if I had to use the keyboard and mouse all the time.

    If I could get the camera to stop moving to the side when I least need it, things would be great. Could always use first person camera I suppose 🙂

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