PC World – lying f*cking muppets

They even link to IE5.5 suggesting that this will be a “Customer Upgrade”. Yes I could get a new card and sell it but now it’s the principle. Hunting for their Head Office phone number……..

Some time later……
I had to ring the generic phone number and hassle for Customer Services. This is what I told the guy who answered:

  • that I had tried to return the fault Network Card yesterday but was told I needed a box so that the faulty item could be returned to the manufacturers
  • that I called the helpline yesterday and was eventually assured that I could return the card to the original store and that as a Goodwill gesture, they would let me off having no box
  • finding myself on the opposite side of the city this morning but close to a PC World, I went in and enquired if I could return an item I purchased elsewhere. The girl said I could. I showed her the card and the receipt. I explained the situation. She repeated the “No box, no go” mantra. I insisted, pointed out the phone number on the receipt. She wandered off to talk to someone, returning only to say again the PC World Company Mantra – “No box, no go”. I pointed out the telephone number on the receipt – she dismissed that as a “Branch number – doesn’t mean anything”. (I was livid at her attitude)
  • I rang the helpline again. And AGAIN was told the box rule. I asked for the call to be escalated and that person also said “No box, no go”. I explained that there was something called a “law” which gave me lots of rights and that this stupid box thing could not overrule a “law”. Amazingly, she repeated the mantra.
  • I rang Netgear. I explained what was going on and asked if they care about boxes. He said No. I was really clear about what PC World staff were telling me (remember this is 2 shop staff and at least 4 people on the phone) about the way Netgear insisted on faulty products coming back in their original box and the guy who worked at Netgear said that was false – they really do not care. Now I KNOW that PC World staff are lying.
  • So I’ve rung Muppets Inc back and insist my call is escalated straight away. I get through to “Customer Services” (neat that when you call the only number you have it is not this dept) and I’m back in the present.

I say “Why do your staff lie to customers ?” I explain the situation fully. The guy I’m talking to says that it’s probably just a mistake by the staff. I insist that it is much more than a mistake given 6 staff in different locations have trotted out the same lie. He is insistent – and he was really decent on the phone – that there is no need for a box. He agreed that everything that had happened so far was unacceptable and that he would note this for the Area Manager.
Outcome: I send the card back to him, I get a refund+costs.

PC World – bunch of lying f*cking muppets. There is some nasty rip-off corporate culture going on in there

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  1. Jo – that’ll be a No 🙂

    Jayne – In my letter of complaint/refund, I told the guy (the nice guy – he has the same first name as me and his surname is a direction) to ring the helpline and ask what I did. No-one else would give their names.

  2. hmm i work there, we dont have a no box no go policy in our store (wednesbury) if the customer hasnt got the box and it is faulty then thats our problem cus tis faulty, atleast i wud definatly refund it, what we usually do is offer exchange and keep the box sending it away in the new bo and you go home with just the card! whoever you spoke to must be damn rude and the call centre staff really do mostly suck as theyre mostly foreign lol.

  3. i no what u are saying m8 cos i bought a graphics card 3 months ago and it decided that it wasn’t going to work any more so took it back to good old PC world this morning with box and receipt and they said to me yes the card doesn’t work but this card isn’t the 1 on the receipt they were saying that the 1 i bought was a 6200 geforce and the 1 i had give them was i 5200 so i said that is the card what came out of the box so they are trying to say that i have changed it. but i haven’t no 1 has been near my computer so i no that they have sold me a 5200 for price of a 6200. what makes it worse is that when i bought it it was on offer now i no why so be aware. fuc$ing wank rs

  4. Was looking on Google for correct Head Office Address (as per DSG Retail Ltd anyway) and read your problems with PCW…they are famed, along with their stablemate: Dixons, with the Consumer Advice organisations, for poor customer relations. I’ve always tried to avoid shopping there, if there’s an alternative, so took the plunge this morning and called in at their store at the Monks Cross Shopping Centre, near York…just for some screen-cleaning Tissues.
    Without boring you with the details, the Instructions were incomplete, got finger trapped in plastic, etc…an obvious design fault from the manufacturer in China.
    As the previous comments on this page show, PCW Staff who are interested in the consumer varies from store to store. I will write to their Head Office, explaining the problems and hopefully they will get the manufacturer to come up with improvements…and so consumers will benefit.
    However, my contract [ and Yours] for any purchase is with the Trader/Supplier,(not a Manufacturer)…so it’s back to the Store[ after a reply from PCW Head Office, hopefully.] It’s a 15 mile drive from home, so will await other non-PCW shopping needs!!!
    Hints: get to know your Consumer Rights…plenty of information on the net to help. Don’t get angry with a Trader….be firm, put complaints in writing if you’re getting nowhere, but state what you want out of the dispute. Contact your Council’s Trading Standards Dept: they are experts if you get stuck, and want to know what to do next!
    Good Luck!

  5. I think all you people who have posted a note on this need to really get a life…..if you dont want to shop there, then don’t. Every person who receives poor customer service will tell at least tell 10 people of their experience, (as for yourselves i think you have told the whole world.) Anyway my point is when people have had excellent customer service they hardly tell anyone, which i find very fustrating…..Someone also said i think you should sue for wasting so much of your own time…..NOBODY TOLD THEM TO WASTE THEIR OWN TIME….. get over it and enjoy life!!!!!!!!!

  6. So where abouts was this store? Did it happen to be in Glasgow Finnieston? I had a terrible experience in PC World and believed that my investment with PC World was a liability and sold all of the DSG Shares that I had. Please investors take note that the DSG Group is a liability!

  7. i have recentley left dgsi group employment. The reason staff mis inform you is becuase they dont get eneough training pure and simple. Mangement should allow each memeber of staff 2 hrs a week to learn about products etc so they can give you customers the best advice possible. the reality is there are not enough staff during the day ever for that to be made possible so no one apart from a select few ever get training. Other factors may well be a lot of staff dont give a shit anymore. they are underpaid (5.35) basic whic in theory should rise once you get fully trained but as mentioned before that never happens. You are also promoised boneses to subsidise your wages such as one team bank vouchers but when it comes to paying out managers wont authorise it or want you to fund a bbq or something like that and cashboneuses are promised regularly. But like most companies the targets are impossible to meet so you prettty much end up with sweet FA but you basic wage. There are some excellent staff in branches but hter is far too much deadwood who drag them down

  8. WOW..I have just started work for PC World this week and i am amazed at all the negative remarks i have come across.
    I am in the training stage at present but i have to say that ALL the training is around customer experience being a positive one which has really impressed me!
    I know PC World has had its problems in the past but i believe it is/has learned from its mistakes and is doing its best to change its perception to the public. This cannot happen over night especially to old stores which may be stuck in their ways for a while..i cant really say.

  9. @Tony – read what I wrote. For the sake of simplicity I’ll shorten it all.

    The overall Customer Service said I DID NOT NEED a box.
    Several shop staff said I did.

    Let me say that again:
    The COMPANY aren’t bothered about a box
    The MUPPETS wanted a box

    And Dixons Stores Group are not above the law, in fact they break it daily.

  10. ok here is the point i think some stores are tring to make

    the manufacturer is only interested in the product inside the box. the only problems are these:

    1. the cost of packaging to send the part to the manufacturer increases as now the company has to find another box.

    2. manufacturers are notorious to say. “oh it could have happened in transit. have you got the box to prove it not been hit?.. no sorry we cant reimburse you”

    3. the box barcodes prove that the product was a DSGI bought product. lets say you got a wireless modem free from AOL and went into pcworld with a receipt that you found blowing around the carpark. whats stopping you getting a refund on AOL’s free modem which retails at £89.99?

  11. after returning a psu back to pc world which caused a fire in my office comms room the manager would not refund beacause i did not return the disc and the patch lead for the wireless router. i pointed out that the only fact that saved my comms room with the automatic smoke alarm system, i waited for 1 hour and the store closed with me inside, after 1 hour more the magager argeed to give a full refund and advise me to never to come into the store, this manager only had been working there for 3 days, me and my company has been a bussiness customer for year,, NOT NO MORE THANK YOU PC WORLD ST GERGOES Park LEICESTER…. 24/05/07

  12. i work at a pc world store thats just opened in Bournemouth, Dorset. As a member of staff there i am ashamed at the attitude the AS Managers give us. We are told during training that we must offer advice to the customers and not to pressurise them into a sale. Well this went out the window when we finally got into store as the AS Managers tell us to force sales by any way we can. If we fail to do this or if we give to much of a discount then we get a EEC (Eviedence Effect Change). I personally cannot wait till my General Manager comes back as he needs to know about my issues i have. Training was ok and to a good standard but this has been lost, and what we are told to do in store is just desgracful and make me feel dishonest to the public so, i will continue against there demands and carry on the way i have been taught. Bottom line is “We are not commision based, but we are still forced to sell sell sell.” As for returns the company wish for as little as possible as this gives the company negative margin and effects there BOSS statements. The company DOES NOT have a NO BOX, NO GO RULE, AND IF THEY DO REFUSE TO OFFER A REFUND OR EXCHANGE CONTACT CONSUMERSDIRECT.GOV. Well back to work for now

  13. PC WORLD SOLD ME A SAT NAV FOR $120 witch broke 4 month later they where rude aragent and unhelpfull and refused to replace the item or give me refund only reair it i reliy on the satnav as i’m a driver and i drive all over the country so i would need a box of maps to do my job but they dont care onec they have your money its gone 4 good plus i’m sure it was’nt new when i bought it becauls it had some one elses adress stored as home on it when i kicked up a fuss i was told that now they would’nt do anything and got securety to throww me out beculs i refused to leav un till i saw a manager in short i’v been mugged for my hard erned cash and thers nthing i can do about it can someone help

  14. i am also haviung sever problems with them, i purchased a hdtv and it broke approx 8 months later, i am not happy with the repair option as the engineer came out and said that the tv was rubbish and all he gets is problems with this particular tv.
    i contacted pc world customer services aswell as the instore people and am just getting fobbed off, i will NEVER shop at pc world again.

  15. Some people do not have a clue what there talking about, Pc world are allowed a reasonable amount of time to repair a product ( 28 days) before a full refund or exchange is entitled. If you dont have the entirety of the product with you how is that Pc World fault, you dont buy a pair of trainers and if there too small/big, or not needed, bring one of them back and expect a refund, ok bad example but you get the jist (hopefully) If the product is faulty within 28 days you are expected to bring everything back (including the box) for an exchange/refund, because again you dident buy the product without a box, so why the hell would you take it back with out one (unless of course it is gone 1 month of purchase and the box has been chucked which is understandble) i work at Pc World and true they suck, but at the end of the day they are here to make money, and the store i work at (a big one)we have close to 50 networking products come back a day and if all or even half of them dident have boxes we would loose a lot of money just for some idiots cant be asked to keep the boxes for products which are new, please think you fuckin twat before complaining, and if you came to my store with the attitude you had, id laugh at you, attitude gets you know where in life, you speak to someone nicely, the rules, or in this case fake rules will be bent.

  16. Aproach every single customer and rob them blind, the elderly are an easier target grab there fuckin pention and sort them out with shit they dont need, The end of the day we are thieves.

    Pc World Assistant manager.

    One word for him………Cunt

  17. Hey Josh – you are an employee of PC World and you write this?

    “i work at Pc World …. please think you fuckin twat before complaining …. and if you came to my store with the attitude you had, id laugh at you”

    and you finish with:
    or in this case fake rules will be bent.

    You said it yourself – it’s a con.

  18. well in regards to my complaint to pc world i have written to the head of customer services for pc world aswell as the dsgi group area and regional managers, along with all the information in regards to my complaint i have also sent a full copy of this thread so im sure they would be interested to read some of the comments left here by so called employees of pc world!!!

    i will update here upon any response!

  19. I called PC World for technical support, as my mouse was not working. Followed instructions which unknown to me would result in carrying out a destructive recovery. The man was particularly rude and unhelpful in his manner. As a result have lost absolutely everything from my computer. Will have to reset up every bit of software, internet access, personal photos, accounts. this will take days, not to mention money. Have lost loads of data – documents, professional work, letters, projects – which is irretrievable. PCWorld’s tech support (Techguys) have been totally negligent in advising this – for a mouse that wouldn’t work… there are several other easier and less destructive ways to resolve a broken mouse (i have now learnt). Absolutely gutted.

  20. Essentially I think the main problem with pc world is the colour of their uniforms, their business doesn’t bother me too much. What do you expect from any high street retailer? They’re all there to make money, its a business and one in a very competitive market. Whistleblower sounds like someone with a personal grudge, I know the bournemouth staff and it sounds more like someone who has left recently, the only people to leave left either because they couldn’t work in a team and were too self centered or essentially for what amounted to sexual harrassment, might as well have been a stalker.
    People with grudges tend to be deceptive for personal agenda’s, I personally think that its a sad state of affairs that people can complain that if they don’t’ have all the parts of something they bought when returned. Admittedly no one really wants to return anything but if you don’t have all the parts how can you complain if someone doesn’t accept it? They sold it to you in good faith how are they to know you haven’t damaged or removed parts just to get a refund and choose a different product because you don’t like the friggin’ colour or something?
    I personally would make sure people got the service they deserved, if you walk into a sales job and then complain abou pressure to sell you’re a bit of an arse anyway really, “I’d like to be a salesman for your company”, “thats great i’d like you to sell something”
    “WHAT!?!? SELL?!?!”

  21. @peterpeter – my gripe is that store staff will not take anything even if it is clearly faulty unless you have the original box.
    Their own head office say the box is NOT needed.

    So head office are saying ‘Faulty? No problem’
    Stores are saying “Faulty? So what – no box? Tough”

    And it’s not like they won’t sell pre-opened boxes is it? Wonder what’s in them then…. broken goods? Noooooo…..

    PC World – as dodgy as it gets.

  22. Qoute:Willis 31
    I called PC World for technical support, as my mouse was not working. Followed instructions which unknown to me would result in carrying out a destructive recovery. The man was particularly rude and unhelpful in his manner. As a result have lost absolutely everything from my computer. Will have to reset up every bit of software, internet access, personal photos, accounts. this will take days, not to mention money. Have lost loads of data – documents, professional work, letters, projects – which is irretrievable. PCWorld’s tech support (Techguys) have been totally negligent in advising this – for a mouse that wouldn’t work… there are several other easier and less destructive ways to resolve a broken mouse (i have now learnt). Absolutely gutted.

    Are You Some Kind Of Numpty – If You Recovered Your Machine Because You Were Told Too…… – Ok Go Outside And Shoot Your Self In The Head!! – No!!.. Didnt Think So. Come on anyone with half a brain could figure out that before you destoryed all your data even with no mouse you could have done a data backup …. To be honest People and PC’s – Should be like Driving Licences And Cars – Dont Have A Licence Then YOU CANT DRIVE!! Simple – Stop Blaming The Nearest – Look In A Mirror Your The One That Needs Restoring 😛


  23. We are all a bunch of lying cheating muppets do you know why. Pay us peanuts and what do you get when you pay your staff peanuts. Fucking Monkeys. so we rip you off to show up the company and to rip other members of staff off.

  24. I have been aware of this site since i came across it via google. Since this i have watched a number of complaints been lauched, one that got my particular intrest was comments 21 and 22 from a so called “whistle blower”. This has recently got me into a lot of trouble at work, as when i was showing members of staff it leaked out to a member of management. I decided not to let them know that there was a traitor within our staff as like normal i would be the first suspect in the line of fire. Well nhot letting them know has done exactly the same thing. Today at 15:08 before i was due to finish i was subjected to a investigation into these claims made by the “Whistle Blower”. I have since been suspended with full pay and will face a Disciplinary hearing with My General Manager. I have been told that this is just a investigation and that no decision with regards to my job had been made as yet. So i would just like to say mr “whistle Blower” I do know who you are within the staff and i will let them know if i go down for what you have done.. so you have two choses 1) you clear you conscience or (2) I take you down byt droping you in the shit. Your decision.

  25. i escalated my complaint to mr john naylor (head of customer services) and his secretary rang me and have sorted my problem, and she was very polite and helpful.
    my broken tv was replaced and to a better spec!!!!!
    her name was brenda and she was lovely, so my advice to people having problems at store level is to direct your complaint to a higher mor eproffesional body.

  26. OOH KRIS! That sounds naughty times ten! Surely discussing this in here is a violation of your agreement to not talk about your investigation and as such gross misconduct?
    I hope a future manager wouldn’t do anything like this! Seeing as your going to be the manager soon I would have thought you wouldn’t make a mistake so silly!
    Rubbish rubbish rubbish. Maybe you shouldn’t patronize people so much and try to blame misdemeanors on people who have left!

  27. you know who i am yet then kris i will give you a clue… i am used in a football match and i _ _ _ _ _ _a horn!!! i have stichted you good and proper, and now your out the way i will selected my next target. oh and for the rest of you eec’s are given out inappropriatly such as for having bad bodie ouder and walking around like a bear with a sore head

  28. Your are rite there sage, we in Bournemouth have lost around and over the £1600 mark, due to thiefs, but wat do they expect, we have to sell sell sell, and we dont have time to be on the lok out for potential pikeys. thats what we have george for. Anyways we get paid bogus pay i mean today is payday and we on average get around £700. So sage your correct in the way pay peanuts get monkeys. The managers would rather give EEC’s (Eveidence Effect Change) out instead for bady bodie oudor and apparently walking around with a bad attitude than to congratulate us on our good performers, for exaple, our top sellers get countless recognition, whilst others man the collect at store desk, and are unable to get sales cos were stuck at the front. Well back to work for now.

  29. Just to clarify that there is a 28 day fix rule that PC World have to abide by. This means that once your item has been sent off to the “tech guys” then the clock is ticking for them to return your item to you fixed within 28 days. If they do not then they must replace with new replacement goods.

    Also just to let you know that under the sale of goods act – if an item is not fit for the purpose it was purchased (ie faulty) then the retailer is responsible for fixing or replacing the item rtegardless of if you have the original packaging.


  30. i bought a nice tosh laptop a few months back from pc world, i needed xp on it to coincide with the pc so i could clone a few folders of a dj program to match what my pc was doing, ( double working backup ) BUT xp when installing kept giving me a blue screen, hardware fault, memory, irq something along those lines, definate fault yes? but taken back to pc world in the original recovered state was told i could get a refund as there was no problem, also i couldnt get a refund as back dating the OS was not going to happen as the machine was designed for vista HP, so i rang toshiba gave the model numbers of the laptop and sure enough this model was an XP model which they had recently started to sell with vista, pc world lying again, eventually i managed to get a new laptop from them but only after ringing trading standards standing in front of the managed of the tech guys who then fetched me the manager in good will offered me a replacement, which i might ad worked perfect!

  31. With laptops and computers, if you ever want a refund. Just go to store and say you do not accept the EULA. This is the contract with microsoft you have to agree before being able to use the computer. As you are not allowed to see this before purchasing the machine, they do not have a leg to stand on. 🙂

  32. Hmm, just reading this makes me angry. I want more people to read it.

    PC World EEC’s oh that brings back memories. Managers are targeted on giving these out. (basically a little piece of feedback on paper)

    DSGI remove commission, and introduce a team bonus. So if the whole team performs, tho whole team gets bonus. This is usually impossible unless you have excellent staff. All this move did was save pc world money. What it does mean now is that there is absolutely no incentive to sell. So sales people are pushed super hard to get covers and extras. If sales people dont sell well over a period of time, they get disciplined. Sounds like a lovely company to work for.

    When you look @ the figures, the good salespeople are the ones who sell the most covers etc. Not always the case, the good salespeople are the ones who can find the good deals and dodge the bad ones, leaving the weak staff to pick up the pieces. Some staff say that things are not in stock just to get away from the sale. Managers sometimes encourage this.

    When the weak staff get good sales, they tend to avoid other sales. This whole operation stinks. All I can say to anyone out there, especially the guy who went for investigation. Screw them, its not worth it. give it 2 years and it wont be around anyway, Tesco will take the stand.

  33. Im Very concerned to read what most of you have said above. As an assistant manager in the north of the country I provide the best service possible. So I would return a part as per company rules as long as 1. You have receipt (if not id trace it) 2. its faulty within warranty. Warranty rules change for different items Ie laptops would be repaired after the first month of ownership and I wouldnt replace one just cause you dont like it anymore?!. I cannot speak for the Jobsworths in my company but I can speak for my store. No pressure is put on my Customer Advisors -They are trained to a high standard (Some to A+ and MCSE standards) Its a great place to work. My advise to the people who arent happy is to calm down, ask nicely and realise that in all cases we want to help. LAWs are in place to protect the retailer as well as the customer. As for the unengaged staff on here LEAVE!, its you guys that drag this company down and give the good staff a hard time on a daily basis. Nothing is more soul destroying than working with a plonker that doesnt have the guts to go do what they want to do. Go do a job your happy in. There are loads of people wanting to replace you . If you get a gripe with PC WORLD we will help. You just need to understand that things dont happen just cause you want them to there are rules that can be bent and rules that are law that cant.

  34. LOL, typical PC WORLD MANAGER – You lot dont help staff, if staff dont sell all the covers and attachments they are targeted to, they get put on report, do it 3 times and its disciplinary. Basically, they can get sacked for not selling the extras. – The company does not help, it pushes and pushes until staff fold. You might think no pressure is put on the CA’s but it is. – the SFM puts unbeleivable pressure, the GM’s do also. – You might be one of the good ones, but there aint just one MANAGER in there is there? Its not just a few staff members, some stores have a monstrous staff turnover, this is down to impossible targets and poorly trained supervisors.

  35. this is the only way I can think of to get a response from pc world directors, as their customer services have not been able to resolve my problem.I have asked to speak with Keith Jones Director but the furthest I have got is Team leaders in their sheffield office, my story I wanted to replace my pc, went to pc world bought brand new one cash, phoned sky to have an engineer come and install my broadband and my new tv ( dixons, phillips 42 inch)
    1st pc advent mother board broke
    2nd pc packard bell sounded like it had a lung disease.(re furbished i think) made terrible noises and ps tech guys told me re install the whole thing, no I took it back to store
    3rd pc packard bell again kept crashing

    all the above pcs were checked by the ” tech guys” all confirmed faulty

    4th pc pakard bell ” worked” wow!! called sky to re install broadband,he said great you got one that works, I said yipee, he said hey theres no sound. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

    here are the folks ive spoke to already and got nowhere, team leaders melissa, andrew kenyon, stuart, customer services karen, tech guy who tried to fix the sound was called nic his id no is 26916.


  36. In September I went into the Norwich store and brought a Compaq SR5129 However after 2 days I had to take it back as the Games were’nt playing properly, The Teck guys said they could fix it for me, However when I got home we still had the same problem.
    The next day I took it back and they had to wipe everything off and start again, this time the Computer did work for 2 months then the graphics went.
    They said theycould,nt change the computer for another Compaq SR5129 as they no longer sold them even though you could buy them on the internet.
    The only computer they could offer me as a replacement was a SR5219 which had a total different processor and was £100.00 cheaper, but they wouldnt refund the difference in price.
    I complained to the store manager and but he tried to tell me that this was a better computer, we took it home and it broke down as soon as we turned it on.
    I then returned the computer to the store my 10th visit and asked for a refund and was told I would have to have the replacement repaired.
    I was total fead up and got in touch with Trading Standards who told me TO GET A REFUND FROM PC WORLD WRITE TO MR JOHN NAYLOR, DSGI GROUP INTERNATION, MAYLANDS AVENUE, HEMEL HEMPSTEAD, HERTFORDSHIRE,HP2 7TG, explaining all your problems saying your computer was NOT FIT FOR THE PURPOSE SOLD AND THAT YOU HAVE LOST COMPLETE FAITH IN PC WORLD AND THEIR COMPUTERS then sent it recorded delivery, it worked for me and I got a refund 2 days later,
    I hope this help

  37. Best policy to to use smaller stores. Often these have owner or owner related workers and have better techncial knowledge and can offer good advice. They also provide better back up service later and promptly organize repairs/returns. So use the i-net for research and use local stores. Good advice is worth a lot of money esp. on technical matters.
    Damian (eire)

  38. Honest to god, what a bunch of whiny fuckheads. You come to PC world because it sells cheap computers. If you KNOW, like most of you seem to say, that you can find cheaper elsewhere. Go there, instead of bitching on about this that and the other. Order online, Build your own, buy a shitty laptop from Tescos.

    Or hey…How about this, if and when something bad happens, go into the PC world store and act NICE. No one wants to serve some jacked up penis-head whos whining on because his cheapo £400 computer wont play Call of Duty 4. No fucking shit sherlock, it cost you £400, what are you expecting. You think ANY self respecting gamer buys a computer from PC World? You have the ENTIRE internet at your disposal, countless thousands of places to buy your computers from.

    In short terms. Shut up and don’t buy from PC World. Simple.

  39. just from a stroke of luck i managed to easy transfer my data from a broken advent pc to a new acer for the living room. as i contacted techguys who advised me to backup everything from the advent as it was showing blue screens.
    did that then they advised a full destructive restall which did not work, and then they give me loads of urls to links which do not exist to download recovery lucky i have another pc i thought but still no joy i will be going back to the store tomorrow will let you all know thanks for the help peeps.

  40. I worked for DSG for over 10 years, from sales man to PCW manager. I think they are too big to be efficient. I would be surprised if they are still around in 5 years in this form. They managed to wipe out the Dixons brand after all. I am sure Tesco will take over (the world) the market and force closure.

    The secret is to buy an Apple, PCs are rubbish and troublesome. Plus Apples look cool too.

    Happy Christmas.

  41. I too have had ridiculous problems with PC World, having been refused a refund for a machine which has not worked properly from the moment it was first switched on. In order to make it easier to keep the Chief Executive updated on how incompetent his staff are I have started a blog of my own http://www.pcworldletmedown.blogspot.com and sent him the URL. I hope that the more publicity the appalling customer service PC World supplies, the more potential customers will go elsewhere. For my own part I am stuck with having spent £1200 for a laptop that doesn’t work (and never did) and a seemlingly endless battle to try to resolve the issue.

  42. Just had a problem with the lying bastards at the Barrow in Furness store. Yesterday (29th Dec 07) they agreed they would match the deal on an LCD TV which they would normally sell through Currys at £1499.99. They agreed £1249.99 as per Amazon website. They also agreed that I could opt for the buy now pay in 12 months deal. As it was 5.45 PM and they closed at 6pm i said i’d go back today, which i did (30th Dec 07) The first guy i spoke to was one of the 4 people i’d spoken to the day before and agreed the deal with. He passed me onto a Colleague. This colleague then told me the deal was not possible because they could not obtain the specific TV thorugh their network. I was unhappy about this so spoke to the branch manager who i’d also spoken with the day before. She told me no problem. She then asked colleague who’d refused the deal to do the finace deal and paperwork. He apologised for getting told duff info and continued. Then there was a problem with the one terminal so he moved to another. Then he said the option for the buy now pay later deal was not available on the screen. He then told me it had finished the day before. (There had been a cardboard sign stating thate option the day before and again today because it was what had prompted me to ask for it!!!) Meanwhile the guy had disappeared several times and obviously one of those times he’d removed the sign! He then asked me where i’d seen it. I took him to the TV scetion where the sign had been but as i say it had been removed.
    By now I was angry and spoke to the Branch manager who told me she was sorry but could not create an option which was not available.!
    I will be writing to the head office and will phone them but as you can see from other entries, i don’t expect any help from them.
    Basically iw ill buy the TV from Amazon but i am angry at having wasted 2 hours of my time and been continually lied to. Recommend people boycott PCWORLD because they are a bunch of liars!!!

  43. Quite shocked at the langauge certain people feel they have to use:

    lying f*cking muppets
    fuc$ing wank rs
    the lying bastards

    Have they thought perhaps that they get poor customer service because of the way they treat the staff.

    It’s amazing where you get when you just treat people with respect

  44. @ steve – the language is not abuse for the sake of it.
    The language results from the way people like us are treated. The propaganda that is those adverts compared to the actual experience, the fact that the staff do not treat you well even when you are polite, the fact that they want stuff back with all it’s original packaging so they can box it up and re-sell it to someone else.
    It is not a good place. It is designed solely to rip people off. Nothing else.

    I have been there and been amazingly polite yet am treated as if they know everything and I know nothing. That is insulting.

    PC World is a con.

  45. my lord you lot are narrow minded.

    not all of the staff that are employed by dsgi are “muppets” or “con artists” or “liars” yeah you do get the ones that are like p4u staff and lie to get out of lifting their fingers but the majority are nice,helpful and hardworking.I used to work for the company and if you do an exchange with no box they should just take the new product out of the box to keep for sending the faulty one back.

    members of staff arent robots you know they have feelings and having to deal with idiot public like you lot who want your way or the highway is just not fair! Im glad I dont have to put up with you lot anymore!!!!!

  46. for SAS – Narrow minded, I think not.

    Most pc world staff have attitude. Basically, they brand every customer as thick. This is true. Coupled with the managers being put under extreme pressure to deliver almost impossible results. . . Making the staff even more stressed etc. PC World directors know they are on a ‘burning platform’ I give dsgi 5 years, and Tesco will have eaten them for brekky. If anyone has issues, just ask for a manager straight away, if they dont help, ask for the general manager, if they dont help, ask for the area manager and so on. Take it to the top. – When explaining, be simple about the matter. Dont complicate it. Make a fuss in front of all the customers, hopefully pc world will learn their lesson and start treating us all as equals.

  47. 22 June 2007 – Bought New PC

    3 July 2007 – New PC died

    4 July 2007 – Swapped for a new one

    Its now 21 January 2008 & I have had 5 Keyboards, 2 x Monitors, 2 x PC Tower of which has had 4 x Motherboards, DVI DB Board, Core & PSU Etc etc etc – it basically has been rebuilt!!

    1 x PCW Security Staff (Who thought I had nicked my own PC until the Receipt was shown to him, this was after I asked if I could pop thru the Till Gate to get out to the Exit)

    5 x Engineer visits

    3 x Store Managers

    6 x PCW Staff inc Tech Guys

    32 Phone calls to Customer Services, Head Office & Tech Guys

    3 x visits to Different PCW Stores

    I have one major PCW Nightmare inc PCW headache, one very dead PC & noone who wants to take responsibility

    As one instore Tech Guy said “its not his problem”

    All of this equals one very pissed off PCW Customer who has got absolutely no where


  48. I used to work for PC World in Bournemouth (aka been shut down) My name is Kris, and I was a sale assistant there. I was targeted for telling the customer the truth and not getting cover sales ect (as you said Horn Blower) the GM at the time there Robert was a great guy, but when the whistle blower came to light in our store (surprise surprise) I had an investigation and my apeal. even though I had substantial paper work, listing the IP addy of these postings and him agreein I was still found guilty!!!! anyway I was not the only one singled out,mark was to. he was forced to work overtime, told to train the simpltons and be given min wage. So dont ever take a job for them, They treat you like shit etc. SO DONT WORK FOR THEM. Also rob if you are out there, I hope your kid is doing well, and you are all settled back in trueo.

  49. Dear Sir,

    I said to one of your sales advisors, but a short time ago, that I felt as though I was loosing the will to live. Just when I thought I was getting somewhere, events took a turn for the worse. The difficulty with the following narrative is that it cannot relate the ineptitude I have encounter these last 4 months, initially from Capita and then latterly from PC World, with few exceptions.

    Today, I telephoned Peter, who some days earlier, had very kindly given me his personal mobile phone telephone number. Today, not realising it was his day of rest, I rang him asking if my vouchers had arrived, because they had not arrived at my home, where I was expecting them, though quite how, as they could only be emailed to the store. Let’s not go there?

    Peter was great, he told me he had asked a colleague to telephone me if the store received them. I then telephone the store, and was told that the vouchers had arrived – so why had I not been contacted – In all £180.00, which was the amount agreed with someone called Tim on 0844 5610000 ext 259432 (he was one of the better people I have encountered). These vouchers, without going into too much detail, where to enable me to purchase a similar specification laptop to the Philips X200 longneck, which I had purchased on 20th October 2006. I had been messed around for 4 months, and only had the use of my newly purchased laptop for about 5 days in between the times it was sent for repair on three occasions, for the same fault.(the reason I did not want my 28 day replacement was because I specifically wanted this laptop, which was no longer available, however there comes a time when you have waited too long). In addition, I have now been told that I have no chance whatsoever, recovering the work I have done. That is poor and will mean I have to spend a great deal of time going over old ground. I was not told, nor did I expect this to be so. I am not happy.

    I told the person to whom I had spoken that I would be down to the store soon; he was going home, but he would ensure that the two duty managers would know about it. I had already been to the store a few days earlier but was told by Ashly –from the TechGuys – that I could not have an exchange, because; the vouchers were not at the store, and he knew nothing about it, despite his best efforts to find out for me. Yet, Tim told me that he had spoken to Ashly earlier that day. I left, frustrated because up to that point I had been told to go to the store on several occasions by a Colin Davis who works for Capita. He was the worst Customer Service Advisor I have ever come across, but that’s another story.

    So I arrived at the store just prior to 6.30pm and waited patiently for about 2 minutes whilst a male duty manager finished speaking to one of his staff. In other words, for two minutes, he ignored me. He knew I was waiting.

    I explained why I was at the store; to swap my laptop that had been sitting in the TechGuys workshops for 4 months, plus the £180.00 vouchers for a new laptop. I may have mentioned Peter, the sales advisor, and off he went to find out more. That took quite some time, approximately half an hour. At some point, I asked him about the Microsoft software I had brought, because the package only allowed me to download the software three times and I had used one download on the laptop that the TechGuys had had for the last four months and I was not getting back. He explained something I didn’t really understand, but then he told me that I would have to contact Mircosoft myself and that PC World did not exchange software. I told him that after what I had been through with PC World, I could not trust anything anybody said anymore, and that, I could not see why I should be contacting and chasing Micorsoft. I was in this situation because PC World could not repair my laptop, they should be doing this for me, ensuring that my software was complete. He would not exchange it and I had to sort out the software.

    I was then approached by, Jenny, the female duty manager. The time was nearly 7.00pm and for half an hour I had been left to wander the store.

    She greeted me with the words, “sorry I’ve been so long Dr Crossland”, I told her that I was Mr Crossland, I was not a doctor, “but”, she said, “it’s all your fault!” I was stunned, especially after all the apathy and poor service I have had to endure to date. I corrected her, politely, and told her that everything, for the last four months was down to PC World’s poor customer service. Yet again I had travelled to the store, expecting to be on my way within minutes with my new laptop and then onto a lecture. She was not going to let me have the laptop that I had been absolutely assured by your HO that I could exchange, because nobody had told her about the non-repaired laptop and she did not know if I had it or not. Now, apparently, it was my fault that the management and staff knew nothing of my difficulties and it was all my fault because they new nothing about this exchange, with the implication that I might be trying to pull a fast one. I explained once again that the computer that was with the TechGuys, which they had had for four months, it was not with me. The price of the old laptop plus the £180.00 was the value of the new one I was now supposed to be exchanging. She said something about the £180.00 being good will vouchers, I corrected her and said they were not; they were to give me the same specification laptop as the PHILIPS. I also explained that the total credit was £3.00 short of the total price, but that Tim had assured me, that that small sum would be met by the store. And in the 30 years I spent as a retail manager, prior to embarking on the route to becoming a barrister, that is precisely what I would have done and expected from any of my staff in the circumstances.

    I then gave her a telephone number to ring, though quite why I had to furnish your company such information is beyond me. She went onto explain that, it would be “no good phoning that number as there was probably nobody there”. However I took the stance that if she did not try she would not know, it seemed I was being told, and not for the first time, that they really could not be bothered, and I should go away yet again. (The staff on that number finished at 8.00pm, she should have known this). Luckily, although I was told it was not necessary, but because I had now become very cynical these last four months when dealing with PC World, I brought some reference numbers with me, and the receipt, both of which I was told I did not need. It took some persuading that she should phone the number I had supplied, the time was just a few minutes before 7.00pm, and the staff might be leaving. I told her, late that afternoon I had been speaking to someone called Lorraine, and she might still be there if she was to hurry.

    I wandered around the store until just after 7.30pm, time was moving on; I had been in the store for just over one hour. On her return, she told me that I could have a replacement laptop, and a young sales assistance, whose name escapes me, would help me to find one. This should not have been necessary, as one had already been put away; I had chosen it on a previous but wasted visit. I noticed that it was now missing from the storage cages, set towards the front of the store.

    It was at this point, I said, that I was loosing the will to live. Anyway he perked me up with his helpful manner. I told him that I had had a laptop that had the PHILIPS trademark on it, but it was not made by PHILIPS but by someone else under licence, PHILIPS did not have laptops on their website, and I had actually been told by PHILIPS that this freevents X200 was nothing to do with them. Why had I rung PHILIPS? Well, I got so fed up with waiting for a part for my laptop that I was attempting to chase it up myself. Your sales assistant was adamant that PHILIPS would have made the laptop. That is indeed worrying. I expect a licence was acquired, possibly by PC World to put the PHILIPS name on a computer that was not backed up by that organisation. On questioning the sales assistance, he should have been able to tell me the truth that the PHILIPS organisation and the reputation thereof and the backup one might expect from such an organisation was just a sham. It was not his fault, it was not my fault, but that misrepresentation was PC World’s fault.

    I told him that the laptop I wanted had been placed in the cages on the front wall, he moved to get it, but I stopped him. I said that the one there is for Mr Jones, I am not Mr Jones, the one that was put away for me, was no longer in the cage. A few minutes later he appeared with the “last one” in the store (boxed), and we moved towards the TechGuys till area so the exchange could be processed (that was very close to another customer service failure, I could have travelled to the store, but my new laptop would not have been available). Jenny said that I had to pay the balance, which was, I believe, £2.71. She obviously had not listened to me saying that the Customer Service Department had agreed that the store would discount the balance, after all the sum was insignificant but my frustration was not. Up to that point I had been subdued, disappointed that once again I was being confronted by incompetence because nobody knew what was going on, and because, it was my fault and really nobody wanted to sort out this long-running series of customer service disasters. As I said, subdued and resigned to being confronted by an incompetent disorganisation. I told her again, but this time quite bluntly, that I was not going to pay, and that she should discount the tiny balance, if only for the amount of time it had taken to sort it out, well over the hour. She was not going to; and here we go again, she said, that it was not her fault. But I said, it is PC World’s fault, and you work for PC World; and now I was seeing red. I asked for my receipt back, and turned to walk out the store, with Jenny shouting after me that I would have to pay the balance and, “You are very arrogant Mr Crossland”. I suppose her outburst was my fault as well. I was not arrogant, but I was now angry that something so simple had not been handled with the expected professionalism other retailers are capable of displaying. In the last four months I have spent over £1,000 in PC World, that was my stupid fault! And now she was being stupidly stubborn over a minuscule fraction of a sum. Can’t people see the bigger picture?

    At the checkouts, I spoke to the male duty manager. I complained that she was not giving me my laptop because of the £2.71 balance; he smiled and with a slight shrug of his shoulders, I left.

    This has been a nightmare from start to… They told me I would be compensated 25p per mile to go and collect the laptop. That started another debate/exchange, the laptop should be delivered next Monday, but who knows. And yes many of the staff do not tell the truth, but that is because of the company they work for does not afford them the luxury of honest conduct.

  50. responding to other willis….we also took our pc to the tech guys for a simple upgrade and healthcheck…we also lost everything as they insisted they had found a virus that they could remove without wiping the hard drive. they said they would backup my documents, but we got b***erall! lost all software as well! they stand by their no responsibilty for lost data…the small print on your service docket.
    please please to everyone…submit you complaints to watchdog…it only takes a minute online. if they get enough of the same complaint they will hopefully take them to task and pc world sales will plummet…please god!!

  51. responding to other willis….we also took our pc to the tech guys for a simple upgrade and healthcheck…we also lost everything as they insisted they had found a virus that they could not remove without wiping the hard drive. they said they would backup my documents, but we got b***erall! lost all software as well! they stand by their no responsibilty for lost data…the small print on your service docket.
    please please to everyone…submit you complaints to watchdog…it only takes a minute online. if they get enough of the same complaint they will hopefully take them to task and pc world sales will plummet…please god!!

  52. to the person who doesnt like the use of expletives…well really there are no words to describe the incompetence of pc world and its staff. when I made my complaint by phone ,I was perfectly civil and yet when I was asked to hold I heard the assistant refer to me as “kicking off”. well this forum is for sounding off and since it is all the compensation dissatified customers are going to get, I say bring it on!!
    To all the girls in town…never date anyone who works at pc world…bad street cred!


  54. I have worked in management in electrical retail for 5 years now and in other sales before that so have some experience with returns and customer service. I have to say that should a customer return a item to me without a box that would never be a problem regardless of the item, to be honest if bits were missing id do my best to get away with it for them. A polite understanding customer i would even consider a refund out of warranty within a reasonable time and depending on the product. But having said that I believe that Mark was told 100% to the law that “no box, no refund”, the item was sold with a box, the box came in the price and if a item needs to be refunded a company can demand that the item is how it went out of the store, that includes instructions, box any spares and leads, thats regardless of what the manufacturer wants returned. As it has been mentioned “your contract” is with the retailer, and that is final, even if given authorisation by a manufacturer the retailer can still say no, and trading standards will back that but will advise the retailer against this. It seems that the management at pc world arent looking to help the customer, but one things for certain if someone started treating me with the contempt of being a “fucking muppet” they would be given a full refund and told to never darken my doors again.
    Management at any retailers should be looking to help the customer and make a friend during the sales process, but the customers attitude does affect the level of service given and if your attitude is to call someone a “muppet” because you haven’t liked their answer.

  55. I bought a compaq laptop from PC World in Canterbury in December last year. After a couple of months, the laptop stopped working and was returned to the store who sent it away. The hard disc was replaced and the laptop worked for a whole, then it stopped working and the same error message as before came up.

    We returned the laptop to the store on the 3rd April. The store claimed that the laptop was sent away and the hard disc replaced, however today 24 April I have at last got the laptop back and find that it is in exactly the same condition as it was when I returned it. The laptop does not work and it appears that I have been lied to.

    I am going to return to the shop tomorrow and will ask for a refund. I will let you know how I get on.

  56. Ok this is to all of the staff at pcworld.
    Those complaining about the customers. Some training for you. your a customer advosor not a bouncer. your job is to help customers not show them the door. Stores have policies and rules and yes consumers have laws on their side too.
    how about learn the laws and policies and politely and easily explain the laws.
    explain that the law states that faults have to be examined by an accredited engineer, which i dont think pcworld can afford to have stacking shelves. so it needs to be sent away. due to time and staffing restraints the customer has two options. 1 leave it instore and when there is a no busy period, (could be days) the staff will call techguys to arrange a pickup. or give customer 0844 800 60 20 and make call direct.

    consumers do not know the laws or the cost price of products. so teach them politely. do not say F@@K off, explain. be nice.

    to the sales staff. some training for you.
    aftercare targets and attachments targets are high priority. i work for pcworld and i always hit them. i have trained 3 members of staff and they hit them too. ever thought you may need training rather then argueing about managment. i have seen store demand customer take pcperformance even by saying youll give them £30 off if they do. i have never discounted a product for that. the only discount i use is price promise against actual deals customers mention.

    try wording the aftercare like this
    “We offer a no ties no contracted help service, which can be accessed over the phone using low rate 0844 number, via the internet where you can get advice driver downloads and tips. we even give you extra services like online data storage, yearly healthcheck which is a PC MOT and service. the better thing about it is because your not tied into it. if you become a computer genius or you are unsatisfied with it you can simply vote with your feet. i simply take it because if i had an issue i know i can call a helpline at home and not have to bring the problem back to work with me”

    thats one lengthy script. but if your friendly with the customer at the start of the conversation then they will listen to you. thats the key.. be nice and they will listen. be a barsteward and they will wanna shut you up to get out the shop ASAP

  57. Well, I got a replacement product for the laptop, a new HP desktop. It seems that the hard drive was replaced after about 3 weeks, however they had not got round to obtaining the necessary recovery disc from HP. As it was almost a month after we had returned the laptop, they offered us a replacement.

  58. PCW is the pits.Went in today to change keyboard.all paint off keys.Chinese junk.HP chinese junk.Have extended warranty,what for I do not know.Was happy to discuss,and would have paid to upgrade,but ended up ready to explode.It was a person who said he was top man,and I could go no higher!!!!!!! My temper could go no higher.I was to go home,and phone someone,and they would exchange keyboard.I bought the computer from PCW,and feel that they should handle it.Could not explain that keyboard was
    not good,and did not want same again.If that was the manager in charge I spoke to God Help PCW.Cancelled extended warranty
    and will put money towards new keyboard.I have been in business all my life,and thought no one could enrage me over a few pounds worth of keyboard.Well done PCW for your managerial training. Theo

  59. i cant understand why you still come to the pcworld shops and shop there everybody is so disapointed but still going and waisting the time!!!!????go somewhere else buy from internet and then come to pcw stores and ask help?!!!and all of you if you know everything better why you ask advisors help?!!!everybody so clever!!!!!!

  60. i’ve just been ripped off by these bunch of goons too. i brought a faulty toshiba laptop, phoned their ‘helpdesk’ twice, then went to the shop twice, they ended up taking it in. When my girlfriend went to pick it up they threw the paperwork at her then said there was ‘nothing wrong with it’ and gave it back. what the hells the matter with them. i’m after their head office address too that’s how i came across this page!


    i’ll never set foot in their stores again

  61. Ok then if you are so unhappy and angry about pcworld stores why you bother to come and waste people who work there time if you know better what you buying why why you keep asking for a help?i cant understand you all do you think you can get anything you want and treat people like sh..?every store are different,different staff,nobody has rights to say that its sh..everyone there are nobs…i think personally you all are….who cares?

  62. I’m a S.A At PCWorld in high street ken…..
    we never get issues like this we have 5 managers who happily take back items which are faulthy regardless of box…come to us next time…
    also do remember the stress we’re put under by some customers… try popping into your local arogs and asking them a bunch of technical questions about a network card…:)

  63. Canterbury Manager Glynn Delo >>> What a useless managers from all accounts ( I have friends who work at P.C. World) No People skills whatsoever….straight from a graduate training scheme??? Because there is no way he has managed anything before

  64. i dont know who you’re all replying to but i have the box, i went back literally weeks after, no one cares. So we’re going to trading standards, they’ll head us in the right direction, because at the end of the day they have sold us faulty goods. The management shit was just an added kick in the bollocks

  65. this aint about them lying but definately about pc world being muppets

    lol… get this…i went to pc world today to complain about a faulty network card.

    went in with my laptop and the tech guy was fixing it but the battery ran out…and i say to the guy…ok ive got the charger can u plug it in….


    Sorry it wastes our electricity!!!! lol i was laughing my a** off!!! then he gave me some crap excuse of me visiting the mechanics and getting a free service from them…complete and utter twa*

    peace out people!

  66. I need some help…

    I bought a Sony Vaio AR laptop last year which cost £2056

    Its a stupid amount I paid for it I know but I create electronic music and needed something with enough power/ram to cope with the software I use… The one year warrenty finished on it about 2 month ago (Wish I bought an extended one now)

    about 3 weeks ago I got a message on my laptop saying A hardrive is failing please back up data… So I backed it all up and the sytem ran fine, I read up on the net that the Raid drives sometimes display this even if there isn’t a fault… the sytem still turned on and off and programs ran fine though.

    I decided to take it to PC World to get it booked in, they charged me £70 and a few days later I went back to collect it, they said there was nothing wrong with it and that they just did a system restore/format… I informed them I had done that before I bought it to them but they wernt bothered they had got £70 off me.

    Got home with my laptop only to find it not loading up windows but instead displaying a “can not find operating system” message.

    Took it back to them they booked it back in…

    Went back around another 3 days after to collect it, got it home only to find it freezing within the windows sytem so nothing works… took the fucking thing back agin to them for a 3rd time, they look souless when you say this is the 3rd time you’ve come to them and it’s an hour drive each time… they just dont care!

    Got it back a week later (today) they have infomed me they’ve done a systom restore and seperated the Raid drive into 2 seperate drives, what nob heads cus that means it wont be able to read the data from there to my RAM as fast. now im finding loads of problems with my laptop, it crashes when playing games (which never crashed before) it crashes where i have no option but to turn it off at the power and it can take up to 15 mins for it to booy up when first turned on…

    I really need help this cost me over £2000 and i’ve not long paid that over the year instalments…

    Can I get a soliciter to get them to give me a replacement for the damage they have done (I bought it from Sony Direct)

    The Tech guy said today that he noticed it saud operating system not found but then he turned the harddrive the other way round now and its not saying it, he said it should be alright after downloading windows update…… He looked a bout 14 years old with scaggy bum fluff hanging off his chin.

    Someone help please

  67. Lol PcWorld, do Lie alot, my favorite at the moment is “if they dont sell it, it doesn’t exist.”
    I wanted to buy some straight RJ45 cabling, to replace my cross-over that was now redundant, due to a modem change.
    About 20mtr, unfortunatly at 6:30pm the only place open is PCW, as I needed straight away.
    All they sold was 3mtr lengths, so I asked an assistant, who was a font of knowledge, he was like a beacon of light shinning his wisdom into my dark dumbness, I am better for meeting him.
    And lo he spoketh unto me “you cant buy more than 3mtr of RJ45 because the signal degrades if it goes any further”

    Imagine my dismay at having about 100mtr’s of the stuff over my house, no wonder my Teamfortress scores where so bad !!!! signal degradation !!!!!

    needless to say say I waited a day and order some from my buyer at Cisco 😛

    they truely are Muppets……

  68. How sad that you replied to people complaining, how sad it is that people have to resort to posting online to make fellow consumers aware of such a shocking company.


  70. I work for PC World and Yes they guy was correct to not offer a refund if a box was not present gd on him.I am sick of people like you who have nothing better to do >>> NO YOU ARE BREAKING TRADING STANDARDS, AND THE LAW!!! AS LONG AS YOU HAVE PROOF OF PURCHASE AND THE GOOD ARE FAULTY…YOU DO NOT NEED A BOX!!! AT ALL!!!

  71. I am a 64 year old lady.I have just got out of hospital having a plate put in my arm.Because of disablement I cant move furniture.I ordered a wall tv and was told it would be fitted and tuned in .For £200.00I did not expect it channeled into wall,the bracket was put on the wall and that was that.I have been so upset because I cant sort things out like I usedto.Ijust feel like I have been told a lot of lies and been robbed and walked over.My tv still not right and my house is a mess.My sister was told lies the same day and is having problems with a £1000.00com.I think anyone on this site says anything good about them must work for them.

  72. Rich:
    I use to work for PC world for all my sins as a tech Guy. You are correct in the way that the sale staff do there job not heard of it so doesn’t exist, for future reference try going to Maplin electronics. I buy all my cable and some PC parts from them.

    All work done by the tech guys is insured, and should also come with a warranty. So yes you can take action against them. However this will not prove to be easy. Ask to speak to the store manager and make a formal complaint. Failing this ask for their insurance details for the tech guys.

    I hope this helps you guys.

  73. i can understand alot of frustration and upset people have when their products do not work correctly. after all, you have paid good money for it, why should you be with out it?
    manufacturers put inline strict procedures with retailers with regards to returns. if PC World was to refund or exchange every single machine without having followed the proper route, they get charged for it. Then they really would be out of business within 2 years.
    Being on the frontline of customers is a tough job. Good feedback is never written up or complimented. Its always the bad.
    yes, you can vote trading standards and consumer rights. the ‘Fit For Purpous’ rule has been laughed out of court many a time, as it takes into account over use, ove rheating, wear and tear, dust etc….It does not mean that PC World have to return it.
    Going to a company director gets you a quick fix, but it does not mean you are in the right.
    I think you will find for every bad point of service, there are at least 50 good ones when it comes to PC World.
    It is not the individual member of staffs fault. I have been upset with many retailers before. But I dont scream and shout at the member of staff in front of me, and for the people who have been ‘escorted off the premises’ you should be ashamed of yourselves.
    swearing and shouting will get you nowhere. I have been in the position fo having a product sent away for repair and been told policies that i dont like many a time. but do you know what i do? i tell them that its not great, and what other options do i have? would it be ok if i spoke with a manager to express my concern at this? surely there must be something you can do to aid me while this is away for repair? what will you do if it is away for a long period of time? can you provide me with contact numbers for the manufacturer? thank you for all of your help, do you have a business card? can i contact you directly with any concerns i have? THANK YOU.
    You will be amazed how far politeness goes. You dont have to scream and shout at some poor service assistant who cant change the rules. get one contact, preferably a form of manager that you can contact directly. be polite and understand their side of it too. the rules are in place for a reason, and if you are polite and calm, you will get a lot more done alot quicker. Id be much more inclined to avoid helping a customer who i knew screamed yelled and swore every call or visit.

  74. Took a PC into PC world 12 days ago, (just needs windows reinstalled) have phoned several times to ask how long it will take, but I just get fobbed off every time, was also told that customer services had sent an email to the store, for them to contact me and let me know how long it will take. Still No word from PC world.

    Would be quicker to take to to a small local PC shop, and get them to fix it for me.

    Will be asking for a refund of my £70.00 from pc world today as have given up waiting for them….

  75. For crying out loud. Its the same everywhere, Remember the people behind the counter are human as well. If you buy an item, try it, and take it back within 28 days, yes, they can change it or refund your money. dont go there after 3 months expecting a refund or exchange, thats why you get manufacturer’s warranty n thats why they offer insurance. some people are just keen on buying a cheap piece of gear and expect top perfomance, it doesnt work like that.pc world dont make computers or anything you plan to buy, they just sell them, as for the law, you can shove that up your ass because as soon as the store 28 days passes, they can tell you to f.off but when they tell you to go to manufacturer for warranty repairs, you start kicking a fuss, they dont have to do anything if its up 2 the manufacturer.so before you rush in complaining about your faulty 5 yr motherboard, think, did i purchase insurance? do i have warranty? whats their returns policy? if you ask for advice on how to get your problem, youl get it, if you kick a fuss, expect some kicking!

  76. Why should pc world reinstall windows for you? thats a microsoft product and im sure the os was working when you first got the pc and now its buggered you want free service, im also guessin you didnt take out the insurance! so they should stop and fix your computer even though its not their fault and its a microsoft product.Why not just call microsoft and ask them to help you, if anyone knows windows, its them! damn ppl…. think!

  77. Hi, i currently work at pcworld and i know we get it wrong.
    the problem is not the staff at shop floor level, its the head office with thier “procedures”. they make my life hell cus all i want to do is help the customer but “procedures” prevent me doing so. I would like to appologise on behalf of pcworld for all the bad service it has given. once we had really good full time staff. knowledgable and keen.
    until someone at head office cut everyones wages and called it “one team”. bye bye good staff hello cheap students who could not give a rats ass and just in it for the beer tokens. also there seems to be loads of managers who dont actually serve customers but tell other staff to do so. it seems the higher you go the less you have to do !!!! ive been offered management but turned it down. im not one of “them” i enjoy helpin the customer. also ive now setup my own business doing what pcworld do but from the customers side of the counter. more service and less sales.

  78. i have just bought a base unit pc from pc world in bristol online not in shop and i plugged it in and it cut out ?so i got on phone to complian and the staff were so horrible i asked for manager does anyone have the head office address or a telephone number were you can get some decent sense plz for pcworld

  79. I have a small business repairing computers etc… My mate decided he would upgrade his RAM. He bought a RAM upgrade from PC World in York, and installed it in his computer. He had previous experience in fitting RAM, and computer building, he isn’t an I.T. Tech but it’s a straight forward task to do. He removed his existing RAM and installed the upgrade from PC World, being very carefull and making sure it was seated correctly in the slot on the motherboard (as he had done many times before on other computers). He then turned on his computer and straight away noticed it behaving differently and a burning smell. He immediately switched off the mains. On investigation he found that the new RAM had burn marks on the edge pins. He then returned to PC World and they apologised and said that the RAM upgrade was definately faulty and they would refund or replace it. He took the replacement option. He then returned home, fitted the replacement and switched on and found his computer wouldn’t boot up. He then rang and asked me to look at it for him. I found the faulty RAM upgrade had damaged the motherboard RAM slot, fried the motherboard and the processor. The cause was the copper tracks (Pins) on the edge of the faulty RAM upgrade and been loose and when fitted into the slot had come adrift and shorted across the slot contacts, causing a dead short and melted the slot and tracks on the motherboard, this in turn had put voltage spikes all over the motherboard blowing the processor. I told him he needed a new motherboard and processor. We then went to York’s PC World and asked to speak to the manager. After waiting for an age he eventually swaggered up. I explained that the RAM upgrade he had sold in his store was faulty and that the member of his team had admitted that it was and had replaced it. He said that was good of him (With a hint of sarcasm), I said yes it was but he had admitted liability. The manager said what for? I explained that the faulty RAM upgrade had shorted out the motherboard blowing everything. He looked a bit shocked possibly realising how much it would cost to repair, he replied with SO WHAT! We was taken a back… a manager talking like a lout off the street. I said well you have admitted that the RAM was faulty and replaced it in turn admitting liability to causing the damage to the computer. He said well he’s fitted it wrong (Pointing at my mate), I explained that he had previous experience of RAM upgrades and even building computers and that it was a straight forward task, also you have admitted the RAM was faulty. He didn’t say anything and walked off to the returns desk and started talking to the staff member who had replaced the RAM. He eventually returned saying he had seen the RAM and it was faulty and that they had replaced it, he wasn’t going to compensate my mate for the damage to his computer and if we didn’t like it we knew what we could do. I said we would not leave until some sort of compromise was agreed, he threatened the shopping center security on us. I realised we wouldn’t get anywhere with him and we left. We contacted PC World customer service and they said that it was up to the store manager if he was to give any form of compensation or not and they had no control over the situation and if we didn’t like it then sue us. Well they know that small people like us can not afford to bring things like this to court and can get away with it. Also going back to when we was waiting to see the manager, we stood next to the service desk. An elderly couple came to the counter and said to the assistant that they had come to collect their computer, it came to light that the computer was brand new and they didn’t know how to install the antivirus package they had bought with the computer and so it had been booked in with the service team to install it for them. The assistant explained they had installed the software and given it a spring clean and that would be £75.00 please, well the look of horror on the elderly ladies face upset me. Just think how much £75.00 was to them being pensioners and what would they have to give up just to pay for antivirus installing… I thought PC World should be wearing a mask and a striped shirt. I wished that it was possible to alert customers to everything I had experienced in just a few hours of being in the store and to take their money anywhere else than PC World. I install antivirus, clean up startup programs and check over the computer for £15… I admit that this was before ‘THE TECH GUYS’ was set up, but the sarcasm and the attitude was not something I had expected. We never shouted, we remained very calm and assertive, but got nothing in return but abuse and sarcasm.

  80. PC World Tech Guys – NOT !!!, I took 2 drives in because the computer would not start up at all. They charged mey £70.00 and told me that one of the drives could be read, if put into one of their caddys, but the other drive ‘smelt like it had burnt – and was completely gone’!!. So what I did was got a new computer, and put both drives in as extra drives, did some ‘fix mbr’ commands and hey presto, can acces both drives and data perfectly !!! Also went in with another drive, and was told that they could not access it, but if they put it on their ‘special’ machine/programme (worth about £20,000 apparently) – think its called Ibass, they might get some data off . . . but they couldn’t !!! I got told that the only was possible was for them to send to a lab and rebuild the drive – at a cost of about £700.00 !!!. I brought it back, used a program called ‘rescue my files’ and got all the data I needed. When I told them the outcome in both cases, they were not bothered at all. PC World – oh yes, Pretty Crap !

  81. I totally agree with all these complaints about PC world. My partner (now ex) and I bought a PC together. However it has subsequently had major problems. I have writted 2 letters, one to the general custoemr department and also the Executive team. They refuse to help me as the PC was bought my partner. I cannot even get in contact with her as she now lives back in China. What do they expect me to do? They said ” As the purchase was bought by Ms Wang, our contract is with her and we are not going to help you”

    Do I have any legal recourse or I just basically stuffed. I think for any company to act in such an appaling matter is wrong and you would think that in recession time, they would do more to keep the customers they have. I will never ever shop there again.

  82. it’s because they aint tech guys at all, they’re morons who sit there and run software to check things. I haven’t set foot in there since my original complaint and never intend to again. I hope PC World will be another victim of the recession >:)

  83. I support all the people here about the way PCWorld deals with their customers. I got really angry after buying their wireless installation package. PCWorld charge me £90 for installing wireless and to configure a PC. When the engineer came to my home I just asked him how can I connect my wireless laptop to the network he has just setup, such a b***t**d he said I have to pay £20 for additional device. This is a total rip off……I will find another company to do it for me next time.

  84. i just been in pc world in glasgow.
    they got a camera on spec offer for 299quid.
    i get back home and check the spec of camera on the net so when i realise its good price i try to find a number to call the store to query it( is ir still there etc).
    no chance, only customer services number etc.
    he asks for model number etc ‘na thats 400quid in store.
    i tell him its 299 actually.
    maybe its just the body ya saw.
    no it was with a 18-55ml lens.
    again ‘na thats 349quid, would you like to buy one’, he asks.
    not when i can get it at 299 in store, have you got a direct number for the store’ i ask.
    ‘na there isn’t one’, i am told.
    well too bad muppets, ya just lost a sale from me.
    i am off to amazon

  85. PC WORLD is unbeleivable, I went to the Reading branch and was first lied to, when i said i don’t need Microsoft office ‘cos my brother has it for up to 3 pc’s. assistant blatantly lied and said it only works on one! he then bullied me into signing on to “Tech Guy” when i said NO, he told me “i can’t sell you the laptop then” I stupidly submitted to this moron after being told “JUST SIGN IT”(in an agressive manner). I was shell shocked, or maybe i’m over sensitive!

  86. u guys must all be so dam amzing at your own jobs!! lets say not all pcws are run like these and has that person says i hope that it falls victim of the recession ur an evil vile person i hope your company remains succesful. id also point out that if you go into a shop speaking to some 1 like the dog poo you just trood in u ent going know where have some respect yeah we work in a shop but it dont mean were dumb n if we wana play by the sales act then im sure people will

  87. Shame on you PC world for exploiting me and my child. You have the morals of an ameoba and due to your incompetence myself, my relatives and friends will never shop with you again.

    I went to PC World Bristol and specifically asked for a PC which had the processing speed, RAM and graphics capabilties to handle today’s games as the PC would be primarily used to play games. This was to be a special present for my 8 year old child who has autism and who comes alive when interacting with her computer.

    You assured me that the Packard Bell I purchased from you for £900 would more than meet our gaming needs, however after one system crash after another it was obvious that you had overegged its performance and had lied to us.

    As I don’t have great IT skills and money is very tight – it has taken me 3 years to save up this money – I asked my DAD (who builds his own computers) if could travl down to us (from 300 miles away) to help. He checked the computer and what did he find? In his words: ” I would not pay £200 for this PC, its only useful function would be to play a simple screen saver”

    My PC has only 512 RAM!!! and is 32 bit. You have sold me a pup and have defrauded me knowing full well that I required a system that had the capability to handle modern games. My daughter is so upset and cannot understand why she cannot use the computer.


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