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So…I have a faulty Netgear wireless card. I’ve done all the troubleshooting, uninstalled, reinstalled, new drivers etc etc etc, so I wander in to PC World. I have the card and the receipt. I tell my tale and ask for a cash refund (I know the answer but why not ask ?) and I get told I cannot have that because I don’t have the box and everything else the card came with (must remember to keep the cellophane next time..). No problem about the cash then, what about exchanging for other goods to the same value ? No, can’t do that as I’ve no box. What I can have is another card. I tell the guy that I have a Belkin that works and I don’t want another card. He tells me that unless he has the box etc, they cannot return the faulty product to Netgear. (Lies ! It’s so they can’t just repackage it in the backroom and sell it on again isn’t it!!) So basically I’m stuck with an expensive piece of plastic and metal.
I call Netgear and run through some stuff with them – just to be sure. They don’t offer any returns for this product and advise I talk to PC World again – which is just what I wanted them to say as I can now honestly say I spoke to them. Customer Services girl also says “No box ? Tough” (or words to that effect). I was really nice though and in the end she sent my call up the line one step. This lady listened, made a call and tomorrow I can go into the same branch of PC World and exchange as I asked for this morning. Result 🙂
The wider question is why I keep using the damn place..

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  1. How long have you had it for?

    You could quote the sales of goods act?

    I had a problem with http://www.aria.co.uk where we bought a DVD player, 4 months in it stopped working and they replaced it. Then, 8 months later that one stopped working.

    When I phoned them they said that since it was a year since I bought the original item, I wasn’t allowed a refund or replacement.

    A nicely worded letter stating the sales of goods act, how we should expect items like this to work for longer than a year and that I’d been in touch with my local trading standards office, they were really helpful!

    I received a brand new model within 24 hours. 🙂

  2. I don’t keep boxes – clutter. Clutter I throw out.

    I did debate swapping and selling, but then I still could…..I’ll see what mood I’m in tomorrow.

    And the Act ? Oh yes, that would have been mentioned. I think that even Boxshifters Inc has heard of that 🙂

  3. Another important one to remember is if you buy something on your credit card and it cost more than £100 it is the credit card companies responsibility that the item you purchased works, lasts a reasonable time, is the right color, etc. The CCC may try and put you off but ask for that response in writing and they will back down pretty damn quick.

  4. We paid additional £509.00 towards service agreement for guaranteed next day repair or replacement of a laptop.
    On the 3rd of September 07 we reported a fault to PC World.
    They are indeed extremely intelligent as so far we have had 8 visits by various Engineers on various dates and none have been able to rectify the problem nor send the part.

    When I telephoned them to chase the order, I was horrified to hear that it is not on their system.

    Then you dial a 0870 number and hold on for over 30 minutes no reply.

  5. Just to let you guys have a think about this if you have a brain to think. At PC World idiots come in and say they want a pc for the first time, they have never used one before and awant to buy one. Think about it, would you buy a car of the showroom and not have driving lessons. We have thieves that nick stuff from others and want a refund, where is the box, think about it fools, we are not as thick as some of you living in cloud cuckoo land. We have this everyday because thieves and crooks thinks we are easy prey. Well we will look after the decent people who are in the right, treat people with the decency you would expect, people think right we will quote this law and that law and frighten them into giving us refunds. Why not keep the packaging and reciept, no big deal. Most thing that goes wrong with pc’s is down to the user, they get the manufacturers waranty or PC Worlds support, most people will take the support and theres the idiots who say my mate is in IT he will fix it, rubbish, not at 11pm he won’t when you have an assignment to hand in the next morning. So people out there think about it, PC World does everything for a reason as we have to deal with people all day, and we meet some right thieves and liars, shame as everyone is normally tarred with the same brush. The genuine people we will help, so if you are genuine welcome, for those otherones, don’t think threats will get anything from us as it wont.

  6. So PC World assumes everyone is a thief?
    That’s nice.

    I have been refused a refund by the same person who sold me the thing.
    I was refused a refund when I said I had cleared it from Head Office and had the right phone number.

    Gunther – get a clue.

  7. Come on Mark, the clue is that there is a lot of decent people out there who are great then you have a small amount of theiving gimps who let good people down. The thing is some customers think that as you work in a shop they can talk to you any way you like. Not so, we will look after decent people who don’t take the mickey. Head office is a call centre in Sheffield who just to get you off the line will say anything, then you come to the shop and find out what the real world is about. Customers come in queue at the desk for five mins and lie kicking off saying they have been there for an hour, why lie?. They think we havent got eyes and brains, most of the people I work with as myself have science degrees and graduates, so people out there taking the piss we won’t have it. Be good when you come in and we will look after you, treat the staff as you would want to be treated yourself, just the basics in social skills.

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