Keeping boxes

The Netgear card I bought kept going to sleep every so often. It would just c.u.r.l up on it’s own and cut the world off. Stupid card. Got the latest driver – didn’t help. Clicked through what few menus it had – no joy (not even an option to stop that little ‘ring’ it made on connection. Very bad – there must ALWAYS be an option to kill device noises) and the disconnections built in frequency (bad pun….). Nothing wrong with the router, nothing walking between me and the router (‘scuse me J, don’t sling the lead sheets around like that eh love ?’) and even swearing didn’t work. So the Belkin card is back in. Belkin++ So … do I have the box the Netgear card came in ? Of course not. How long do you keep yours ? I might have the receipt. Possibly. So in the morning I shall ring Netgear and see what I can swap my card for – I’ll be damned if I’m having a useless piece of plastic lying around the house. Oops.. I meant another useless piece of plastic – I’ve already got an xbox :p

New header. Found it. Nice eh ? What ? Can’t see it ? Well stop reading the feed then 🙂

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