BBC Censorship arrives

Censorship finally arrives at the BBC.

“accuracy is more important than speed”.
If a TV feed is live then how the hell can it be judged to be inaccurate ? If it’s of a shooting, then the bullets are still killing people aren’t they ? If it’s of a plane flying into a building, then delaying the news changes what exactly ? The fact is it gives the BBC the time to change the words they wrap reports in, and changing words changes perspective, and changing perspective is writing propaganda.
Who defines ‘accurate’ ? A Govt spin doctor ? A GWB fanatic in the White House yelling down the phone to Broadcasting House ? A foreign govt with a terrible human rights record but about to award a multi-million pound contract ? I’m confident that it goes on right now, but this decision is no more based on journalistic integrity than Tony Blair bases his career on the motto “Never lie”.

As someone who watches news almost constantly, it does get very boring when an event occurs and they wheel out all the ‘rent-a-gobs’ to fill the airtime with lots of if, maybe, possibly, potentially, could while they establish the facts but hey – in this brave new world of accuracy, who decides when a story IS accurate ? Maybe they shouldn’t have mentioned Iraq ….

So they’ll be passing this over to those in charge of the US elections too maybe ?

BBC delay on sensitive live news

One thought on “BBC Censorship arrives

  1. Well, even being at an event as it happens and simply recording what is happening in your immediate vicinity is not the whole story. In fact, it could be what you are NOT recording that makes your POV biased. TV cameras don’t have peripheral vision, nor do the companies that employ the camera operators. Therefore, recording and presenting an event live is no guarantee that some kind of bias or even censorship isn’t dictating what images are being selected to show.

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