Someone shoot Dawn Primarolo

That woman almost redefines incompetence.

We have had to go through the complete bloody shambles that is called ‘tax credits’. It was, is and will remain a complete fucking joke. Somewhere in this house we have a letter from Dawn “complete idiot” Primarolo in her role as Paymaster General. It states that the system was fair, was just, was not at fault, that all mistakes were ours etc etc etc. We even had the Press involved because OUR figures were RIGHT and everything that came from the tax people wasn’t just wrong, it was completely screwed up. That dept was directly responsible for some hardships that me and J had to go through – one such was that when the girls were at school we didn’t eat. We could not afford to eat but we couldn’t let them go without. Dawn Primarolo should resign, be sacked and anything else vile that could happen. She is an incompetent fool and Blair is not the slightest bit better for standing up today and apologising. We tried our damndest to get them to listen to us but Oh NO, The Govt CANNOT be wrong … course not. Bastards. Dawn Primarolo – Liar. Incompetent. Useless. Blundering. Deceiver.

4 thoughts on “Someone shoot Dawn Primarolo

  1. Well, the hard-faced Dawn Pimarolo is still in power today and has swiftly moved onto the persecution of UK businesses and destroying the economy. She is relentless and has no understanding of the longer term impact of her actions – i guess its because she doesn’t care or truly believes she is doing the right thing. This woman has no idea how to strike a balance and does things in the extremes. She is a true draconian and needs to be removed from serving the public, because she is doing the exact opposite – destroying them! The only way to get rid of this woman is to remove labour from power, so STOP voting for LABOUR!

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