Mindless dross

On a really bright hot day, little can beat the sense of satisfaction gained from the cleaning and squeegeeing of the external windows. Eyes disliked it and the scrunching up of my face due to the glare probably added a line or two, but it’s sparkly, clear and smudge / smear free.

Custom builds of Firefox and Thunderbird running here now, grabbed from moox. Can’t say I’ve noticed anything yet with Tbird, but Firefox is definitely faster. Combined with the right tweaks – which cause me no problems – it’s been flying along. Very nice indeed.
Miranda is updated – now uses a web installer – and I’ve got a Gadu Gadu account (because it wanders in with miranda). I have no idea if I’ll use it, who else may use it, or any other ponderables but it’s the net – you always do these things don’t you ? That reminds me .. wonder what’s on my xanga blog …. mind you, I have no idea what I even called it. I wonder just how many ‘accounts’ across the web are literally just empty entities ?

And it was Caitlin ! She said I sounded very professional. That is – undoubtedly – the reason why she did not connect my voice with it being me 🙂

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