STFU Chirac !

“French President Jues Chirac said Britain’s behaviour was “pathetic”, adding he was shocked by the “arrogance of several rich countries” in the talks.” BBC. WTF is the Farmer’s Poodle on about ???
France gives LESS to the EU than the UK.
French farmers are calling the shots here, not Chirac. The CAP is a pile of crap and everyone except the French farmers know that. For the French, the CAP is just a trough into which they can shove their snouts as and when they will, corruption included. If it wasn’t for the CAP then we wouldn’t have to suffer all the derisory produce they ship over here which they pretend has been grown more efficiently – has it bollocks. Fact is that for what it is, and for the actual cost it is junk food. Crap. Rubbish. The simple fact is that the French (as a nation) do not want equal competition, they do not want to live in a community made of equals, they do not want to see the UK in a better position than them. Well that’s just tough isn’t it.

Now, will someone blow up that bloody tunnel ?

4 thoughts on “STFU Chirac !

  1. Classic Bertie Ahern quote “I hate to see grown men bickering”. Bertie of course is sticking with the diplomatic “Ah c’mon now lads, a deal’s a deal”.

    Chirac is only trying to boost his own popularity as French workers are a formidible force – if he stays in power then the lawsuits against him won’t start up again…that man has serious motives for sticking to his guns 😉 Ireland needs the CAP but you don’t see Bertie or Dermot slagging off Blair. I don’t think this will hurt the UK reputation too much as it’s easy enough to see the real motives behind it. Everybody knows the budget is a mess and can’t be accepted, but the media would love to make it an English v French thing.

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