Another box arrived this morning from Onetribe.

The quill is African Porcupine, about 9 inches long and as my septum is around 6mm, it too is about that. Not that I will be wearing this regularly – I’m sure the ladies of the house would stop that ! – but the fact it does fit is an excellent bonus. I actually bought it out of curiosity more than any bodyart connection. Next on the list will be some American quills which I shall try and find a home for …. possibly see if anything will fit into my scaffold ?


The Tri-cut horn tunnel is gorgeous – smooth, shiny and as perfect as I expected. The larger image shows the tri-cuts much better though this image is okay. Like the tunnels I previously ordered the finish is excellent and the package was again well wrapped and delivered speedily considering the Atlantic is in the way.

For body jewellery I really cannot recommend Onetribe highly enough and I’ve bought from a few.


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