Believe the Music Industry !

Some 40 years after global cassette production began in earnest, sales are in terminal decline.. So for the UK then, cassettes in music are dead, home mixing is still going on, torrent downloading – apart from a minority who distribute to another minority – probably contributes to greater sales and the music industry continues to get richer and richer while also starting to use software to limit what we can do, effectively licensing the music and trying to get more cash. And yet back then – in the 70’s and 80’s – they proclaimed all over the place that cassettes would kill the industry. Hey guys – here’s a clue, stop the sale of blanks, and burning software, and burners .. oh can’t do that can you ? Can’t stop that because it’s legal, just like it is perfectly legal for me to make 10,000 copies of the Faithless album so I have backups. Well pardon me if I don’t believe a word you lot say, and it’s not just me, it’s everyone.

Question of the Day: Name a major industry that does NOT lie to the public.

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