I thought I knew…

Couple of days ago I posted that I thought I knew what the Car Charging was about, and a telephone call today and a comment have reminded me that I wrote it (I forget things you know).
I was not right. I thought that there was some revelation breaking about The Downing Street Memo. In a nutshell, Tony Blair agreed with GWB that Iraq would be invaded WAAAAAAAAY before anyone else knew anything. And everything about it was all made up (like we don’t know that now). The reason why I thought it was this issue is because this has been a complete non-news item here yet the potential for damage to the Govt is extremely high. Here we are with what we are told is a fine investigative press yet if you google (I know..tsk tsk) for “Downing Street memo” you will find ONE article from The Times and NOTHING from the BBC. Even Fox News have the scoop on the BBC!
The fact is that this car charging stuff is complete crap. It would be fantastically expensive to introduce, would lead to massive fraud, business closures and probably opposition from some large industries. It’s nonsense, but it’s also guaranteed to create lots of heat and noise – meanwhile the govt actually does bury all the bad news it needs to (Jo Moore still work for them ?). Looking back to that weekend though, and the few days after I can’t see anything obvious about the Downing Street Memos but that means nothing – maybe it was buried effectively. Either way, I certainly do think that events yet to pass will uncover the reason for such a ridiculous govt idea being thrown into the public pot just then.
And if Blair hadn’t agreed, then people would not have to be going through what they are in Iraq: www.undermars.com

Edit: It IS on the BBC: Bloggers’ ‘victory’ over Iraq war memos. Note though: This is a story about a UK Political Memo, the memo comes out of the Prime Minister’s Office, it is about UK Soldiers yet this BBC story is itself buried in the ‘Americas’ section. Three cheers for the impartial BBC eh ?

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