Ran two clients through the afternoon, both downloading a single file. One was BitComet which I have been using for a while, and the other was ZipTorrent. The search feature in ZipTorrent was not working, but the area I looked at was memory usage. BitComet was using around 48meg, ZipTorrent peaked at 8.5meg. Runs in the tray, supports RSS, doesn’t look ugly … good enough reason to switch.

6 thoughts on “BitTorrent

  1. Yeah I use BitTornado, too. I like that you can download a file (or a bunch of files) in order. I’ve had a lot of stalled torrents that leave me with a useless file of random bits. I haven’t had the error issue spoken above, though.

  2. I use Azureus, and I am perfectly happy with it so I don’t want to have to go through the bother of configuring my system for another client.

    As for the RAM issue, ANY program that uses RAM (and is not essential ie antivirus/firewall) needs to be closed for optimal game performance, and for anything non-game, 20Mb of RAM is unlikely to make a difference, unless you have a microscopic amount of RAM and are running 200 Internet Exploiter windows.

  3. I agree in some ways David. I’m running 700meg of memory so while RAM is not huge issue, any processes which I’m effectively running as background tasks will impact when I open numerous programs. On a single drive machine where a swap file is essentially useless I like to keep my eye on things 🙂

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