Around the DVD in 80 minutes

I just watched the last episode of Michael Palin’s “Around the World in 80 days” (part of the boxed set J got me for my birthday). Caught this all originally on TV years ago and it’s been wonderful to watch it again yet some of the experience is missing.
Ever seen Pink Floyd’s The Wall ? Far too many times I’ve seen it, and the first few was at the cinema with it’s massive screen, incredible sound systems and a bass effect that made your insides vibrate. The film needed to impact, need to hit hard, loud so watching it on a TV removes much of it’s essence. It’s like that with this set of DVD’s and no doubt the rest in the set – not the viewing area this time, but time itself. This guy went around the world and back in 1989 / 90 it was an episode a week. Time that was set aside to sit, relax, watch and importantly time to reflect on what I had seen, the places he had gone and because there was so much time for the series, it gave the program a sense of scale, scale appropriate to the task maybe. Yet watching it on DVD, on demand, one episode after the other diminishes things in the same sort of way that watching The Wall on a handheld TV would. It’s not a bad thing I suppose and arguably I should have some self-discipline about watching Series on DVD type things – do you ?
It’s a shame though … in some ways I feel like the kid who just ate all the sweets … maybe they would have tasted better if I’d taken my time ?

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