I wasn’t quite sure which category to drop this post into, but the hat seems to fit this one.

Seen over at Irregular Times is a story about American history, racism and elected officials. It’s a very relevant story given the forthcoming trial of a man involved in killings which inspired the film Mississippi Burning. Given how GWB and so many others spout on about ‘American values’ and persecute countries and peoples that do not meet their ‘oh so high’ standards, why can’t they put their own states in some sort of order ?

I am not an ‘-ist’ person – I’ll wait for you to speak or do before I pass judgement – and I find racism abhorrent. But look at the IT link above, go read it. 20 elected people did NOT publicly support that bill. Doesn’t sound a lot does it, just 20 people, but when you add up the number of people that vote for those 20 and remember that those officials must be really worried about their reputation / career / bank account, then you cannot fail to realise just how deeply ingrained not only racism but the barbaric response that some would use actually is. Here we are in 2005, and yet 20 elected officials in the country, which if GWB and the hawks had their way we would kowtow to and mimic, are tacitly supporting the fact that it is okay to lynch a fellow human being simply because their skin is a different colour ? What ?
I’m not talking about a bunch of neo-nazis who demand their right to carry all manner of weapons, I’m not on about deranged individuals who actually voted for Bush have extreme beliefs – I AM talking about the fact that in what passes for what GWB would say is the heart of a good country are 20 people who have no place there. Yeah, you say, but we are a democracy, we believe in the rights of the individual, we are the US of friggin’A so those guys are allowed to be there. Broadly speaking that’s difficult to argue with – though those people should be shunned and even the mainstream US press does not report the names – but the depth and breadth of racism that this demonstrates is something I do find shocking.
(And before someone kicks off: yes, there is racism here in the UK, yes racists have been openly voted into low offices and no I do not think that everyone in the US is racist. None of this negates what I think.)

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  2. Does it help if the vast majority of Americans agree with you?

    Personally, I am embarrassed to say I am an American. Our nation used to have some sort of respectability.

    Our main problem? No one gives a big enough shit to vote. Then they bitch. The second? We are too damn big. It takes seven hours to fly from one coast to the other. I don’t think we should split like the USSR did. We tried that once and the South ain’t never been allowed to forget it. I just think the lines of communication need to be reinvented, if they ever existed to begin with.

    Racism, homophicism, immigrantism, northism, southism…there are a lot of crap tossed into our melting pot. And now we got a real dip holding the fork.

  3. @Paula – I’m very sure that such views remain limited to a small minority. It’s bound to happen with such a large country and diversity is no bad thing, it’s just that elected officials have these views that I find disturbing.

    @Io error – that both helps and makes things even more scary.

  4. The problem is that people can say once the __ year olds die it will end, but it won’t. why? because the __ year olds teach it to their kids, even if they don’t say it, it’s passed on. I’ll admit at one time I was racist, because of my grandma (she grew up in the south). She didn’t even say anything, it was just in her actions and stuff. I was a very young child then. I’m not racist now, and I’d like to kill all racists. Anyway my point is that it’s gonna take a long time to go away. I agree with Paula in the fact people don’t vote and then bitch about what happens. I think it should be required that you vote or something. Then everyone can bitch, but at least they have a reason to, they voted for the other guy.

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