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Well seeing as MJ does not ‘fiddle with kids’ then they really ought to put on trial all those nasty people who so obviously lied about what MJ did – shouldn’t they ? After all, if they said he did something, then they were lying and doing so under oath. So put them all on trial. And of course it’s a really easy verdict – guilty. If MJ is as innocent as the driven snow – and with a complexion not far off – then both justice should be seen for him and the state should prosecute the liars. Hell, MJ should do it himself.

“Being rich and famous in the USA automatically absolves you of all crimes.” Discuss.

Edit: According to the jury, they did not believe the kid because the mother was a liar. So .. taking that as a baseline, if Euan Blair ever appears in court he cannot be believed, neither can the Bush twins, neither can thousands of other people. What a clever jury.

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  1. I’m not going to say that I believe that he is totally innocent, but I don’t think that he’s as bad as people think and as people have been trying to make out. I genuinely believe that he is still a child, just a very rich and misguided child who was [lucky/unfortunate] enough to never have to grow up, to always have the best toys and to always be everybody’s best friend.

    I don’t know if I could say that if I had grown up in the same circumstances, that I wouldn’t be similarly “weird” and I defy anybody to say that they can guarantee they would be “normal” having grown up under those circumstances.

  2. “Being rich and famous in the USA automatically absolves you of all crimes.�

    I’m not sure that is absolutely correct.
    Martha Stewart did spend her time in jail. Two members of the Kennedy clan were convicted of murder.
    I think it was just a case of 12 people following the judges (84 pages of instructions) and actually finding reasonable doubt in the case.

  3. Clyde – I did say discuss 🙂
    Over here, it seems that another form of justice is being done. In none of our national newspaper is the word “Innoncent” being used. The perception therefore is that while he may not be guilty, he is certainly not pure in this case. The reasons do NOT matter. I don’t care how someone has been moulded to be what they are.

    Take MJ’s money / status / fame away and put him as your average guy in your average street – he WOULD be in jail today.

  4. No he wouldn’t – the jury found him not guilty 😉

    Personally I think he’s guilty of being naive, and that goes double for his “advisors/friends/family”.

    And whilst I agree to a point with you that it shouldn’t matter how someone is moulded, it DOES have a bearing. Even an addict deserves sympathy though they know what they are doing is wrong. No?

  5. MJ’s lawyers trailed in a load of people who just stood there and said “He’s a nice guy”. His reputation as a ‘popstar’ was traded on. Look at the behaviour he indulged in – THAT is the issue.

    Fact – he is over 40 years old and he chooses to sleep with young boys, he has pornography in places where children can find it, he has been accused many times of exactly the same behaviour. Smoke / fire ?

    I think he IS guilty of child abuse – tell you what, I’ll go dangle my daughters off a balcony and I’ll let you know how long I spend in the cells ……..

    And sympathy ? No, not until the opportunity to never repeat has been removed. What’s the odds he throws a “special” party for all his favourite kids to celebrate his acquittal.

  6. I think MJ is guilty of being weird, creepy, but not child molestation. MJ’s whole life is weird. He has an amusement park at his house!

    I think people are money just hungry. You get a few rednecks with half a brain together and they will come up with a scheme “Hey, let’s say MJ abused our son and get a lot of money. Surely he will settle with us for millions. It has happened once, it can happen again.”

    I was actually suprised, Mark, that you had this stance on MJ. I know you are prejudeged all the time. People who do not know the Markie I/we know might start coming up with reasons you have piercings and tattoos.


  7. I think it was just a case of 12 people following the judges (84 pages of instructions) and actually finding reasonable doubt in the case.

    Presumably not including the (at least) one juror who had a book deal signed before the trial even ended. The more controversial the verdict (at least three jurors have subsequently said that they believe Michael Jackson molests children), the more books said juror will sell and therefore the more money that will be raked in.

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