Network problem.

Machine 1:
XP firewall is off, Sygate firewall allows full traffic to/from machine 2
Several shared folders.
This machine CAN see inside machine 2

Machine 2:
XP firewall is off, Sygate firewall allows full traffic to/from machine 1
Several shared folders.
This machine CANNOT see inside machine 1 with the normal ‘Network’ icon.
I can ping machine 1
I can access the shared folders by Start > Run > \IP address
But I cannot access the Mshome workgroup. I get a ‘not responding’ error.

No significant changes, I haven’t been playing in System folders and searching turns up nothing at all. I can still share but not as easily and not using any other programs such as the Zen media explorer. If you’ve any ideas, I’d appreciate them 🙂

FIXED: I have no idea how either …. sorted the firewalls so that from each machine I can go anywhere into the other, didn’t seem to do anything but I just clicked and all seems good…..

Windows. It just works 🙂

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  1. Mark under options in sygate firewall there is a check box to tick to allow sharing.:) If you have sugate installed on the other machines, you need to do the same on them.
    I no longer use Sygate because my hardware firewall (Linksys AG041 router does the job much better.

  2. Sygate is fine ta 🙂
    I don’t trust hardware firewalls such as the one in my router. That just opens (or closes) ports. So if a port is open, it will let anything in or out and it won’t tell me. A software firewall gives me absolute control over everything.

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