An infection in most (but not all) body tissues causes the immune system to encapsulate the area so preventing the spread of infection. As the casualties in the fight mount however, the pressure within that area builds and if the original infection was under a tooth and inside a jaw, the pressure can build to a very painful level. This I discovered yesterday (for the umpteenth time). My newly discovered technique although useful in relieving the pressure, broke the encapsulation. Bad bad thing to do. There was no huge swelling – there has been all day and it is worsening. There was a lot of pain – there is now a shedload more along with sensitivity over that side of my face. There was little relief yesterday with 2 painkillers, there is even less today with 3.
It hurts, and tomorrow medical advice will be sought. (6g of Amoxil and 30g of dihydrocodeine will sort me out thankyouverymuchyoureallyreallynicedoctor).

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