I’ve 3 teeth slightly raised by the infection which is sitting just to the right at the front of my lower jaw. The pain – numbed by far too much paracetamol and ibuprofen – comes in waves and at it’s peak is amazingly strong. Thankfully just before I decide to hammer a nail into my jaw to relieve the pressure, it recedes somewhat at which point I do what needs to be done before the next crescendo begins.
Finally got round to creating my Music Exchange CD though it has yet to be burnt. I think it reflects my musical memories fairly accurately though it is inevitably heavily influenced by my current mood. I’ll post the tracklist on Monday when I send out the discs.
A post here I recently titled as “There is no pain..”.

Update: About 30 minutes ago, the pain hit a new high. I’m as full of painkillers as even I will go (and that’s high), ice is not working, sitting still is not working neither is moving around. I catch a tooth as I drink some icy water and I instinctively shut my mouth and suck on the tooth (I don’t know how else to describe it). The pain is lessened a bit but when I stop it hurts more. So I suck a bit harder but the rebound pain is worse, and I really suck hard on the tooth. The pain lessens then almost explodes with a new throbbing and at the same time my mouth fills with blood. I can taste something really foul but the pain has changed – I’m heading to the kitchen by this point as it’s closest – and the pressure has gone. Abcess sorted ! I repeated this new technique a couple of times at the sink followed by icy water and mouthwash and right now, apart from a peculiar but not entirely unpleasant sensation, I am pain free 🙂

5 thoughts on “Abcess

  1. Yuk ! Having suffered with the very same thing last year, it’s best you get to a dentist and have it treated properly. I was left with a hole in my upper jaw just to the right of my nose. The hole well it was the size of a two pence piece. It was operated on (local anesthetic) and “scraped” back to good bone! Not a nice experience, and knowing the abscess had ate a sizable chunk of my jaw away was quite sickening to say the least.
    Thankfully It saved my tooth and all is well, apart from the hole it left. I can press the area which leaves a depression for a while.

  2. I’m a dental phobic. Honestly.

    Abcesses are never treated by dentists there and then – instead they hand out some Amoxil and tell you how to take it. What they tell you is usually totally wrong according to the prescribing guide. (Trust me – I’m a nurse).

    Anyway… before this happened, I had agreed to go Dentist. J has spoken to them, made the appt and will tell me right before it happens. If I know in advance any more than that, I WILL be ill. I will be sick, shake and invent every other excuse to not go in. Dentists terrify me.

    And when he does look ? I cannot imagine what he will say.

  3. hello. I hope your tooth things get better soon.
    I have motive for posting. Remember my shit job? well I just got another one. Pay is not shit. Hoorah. 😀
    Won’t post on own blog as whole staff will know before my boss, and he’ll hate that shit.

  4. I am having an abcess right now as I ran across your site via google. I am debating the ER room or have alot of shots at almost 4am 🙂 Happy it all worked for you (btw, usally its ‘warm water’ and salt mixed for the swishing around part). I have had my share of abcess’ and they are never fun, but Im sure it will be okay before I get married. Nice site, cheers.

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