16 days in June

On May 25 I saw the shrink. According to my way of thinking, that’s around 16 days ago. Then, I was told to reduce med#1 and go see my GP to get med#2 started. J rang the GP on Monday to make an appt but they’d not got any letter from the shrink.. monday being 11 days after the fact. So she rings the clinic and they promise to fax the letter. This was the letter that had not actually been written – it was still in a dictaphone. So.. the letter gets sent, surgery gets phoned, yes they’ve got it so appt made. I’ve just been. The letter is in the surgery, but as it has not been scanned into their system, and as the GP cannot put his hands on it because it’s “in the system”, he cannot prescribe the medication.
This means that 16 days after I’ve seen the shrink, I have – on his instruction – withdrawn from one med but, because (in part) of his delay I am not on another. Which I should be. Now I’m okay, I’m not about to run amok with a piercing needle but this – from experience – is the way psychiatric services completely fail the very people that should not. Of course, if I did commit some heinous crime they would move mountains to not blame the Trust I am ‘in’. Leicestershire’s MH services have been in a ton of crap far too many times – yet something like this still happens. It is not an isolated incident – it’s commonplace. So when you see the next news headline about someone going berserk (or whatever) (not that I am about to) it is a virtual certainty that the services made it happen due to their laxity. But then what does it matter ? Soon the govt will be locking people up just in case.

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  1. I spend a good couple a day apportioning blame. It offsets the extra work I do clearing up crap other people left.
    They changed the meds I take about 5 months ago now, apparently concerned about some chemical that’s become raised in my blood tests. I am still not taking the new batch, they’re discussing the effects it may or may not have. If they procrastinate alot longer then I wont even need the drugs any more….. Takes min 2 months for the letters from my shrinks to get to my gp.

  2. i am worried, really worried about the law in this country and how they treat people with mental illness. i’m scared of what i might say to a “specialist” may go against me. if i think bad thoughts, will end up locked in a cell with people too far gone? if you treat someone like a criminal, they’re not likely to be as honest as they want to be ro can be without thinking twice abou the consequences.

    i’ve been in control for four years simply through guts and will power, even though they msssed up and i was actually supposed to see someone precisely 4 years ago. long story. anyway, mental health has NEVER been taken seriously by the government – just another strain o nthe NHS apparently

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