And this time I forgot …

to backup my feeds. Every time I reformat I forget something, and this is despite my paging through directories looking – and this time I even went through Appdata. Not that I really mind – they needed a clearout anyway. I read – on a feed somewhere recently – that what your feedreader should do is drop feeds randomly just to see if you notice and if you don’t then it wouldn’t matter would it ?

Anywaaaaaaaaaaaay…… computer is now about 90% there with regard to programs downloaded and tweaked. Apart from Feeddemon, it’s all freeware that’s been installed as usual and I’ve installed Tor for anonymous surfing too. Not that I do anything suspicious. Oh no. Never 😉

Off to complete the last 10% …

3 thoughts on “And this time I forgot …

  1. Hiya Mark, it’s me again been heads down for a while.

    I’ve taken to filling in a form everytime I reformat so I don’t forget anything. Though I haven’t needed to do this for a long time -touch wood. In fact I don’t think I’ve ever had to since I stopped using Windows. By the way, if your looking for a pretty looking Ubuntu try Kubuntu instead. MEPIS is also a very good live cd & install.

    You been trying out Tor as well? I set that up a couple weeks ago, I installed it along with Privoxy on an old Linux box. Works ok but a is little bit slow, though that might be the slow computer it’s running on more than anything.

    Not that I have anything to hide either……. honest.


  2. Fill in a form ? But that would take all the fun out of the process 🙂

    Tor IS slow. This machine and line are nippy enough, and of course I’m limited due to the referer stripping but it’s an interesting tool. No idea what I could really use it for. None. Nope. Not a single idea. Zip. 😉

    And yea – where have you been ? You going to change the top post of yours sometime ? 🙂

  3. Ah so it’s not just my machine then. Tor is still experimental I guess so hopefully it will improve in the future. Privoxy does http header + referrer srtipping and when it’ set-up to use Tor it’s about as anonymous as you can be on the Interent. Not that I need to do that of course. Oh no. Never. 😉

    Been? About. I just find times when I need to disappear from everything for a bit you know what I mean? Sometimes more often, sometimes less. It’s just the way I am. And lately I’ve had my head down in work too much really, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now -and the sun is shining so I’m much happier now!

    Sorry to hear your being messed about by MH again, what is the problem with just getting things right? Who knows.

    Post? At the top? That changes does it? I’ll have to look into that one……. 😀

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