windows wins: linux loses

Seeing as I’ve the complete ubuntu disc lying around, and as I don’t do things by halves, I go for a full install. After all, Ubuntu can see and work Prism chipsets can’t it ?
Bollocks it can.
It’s sitting there, takes bloody ages to restart, cannot see the NIC AT ALL and this it’s so cool it’ll take over the world version of linux is proving to be as useful as a piece of soggy toast against a tornado.
Ubuntu ? NO.

(Oh, and sitting watching it install all these “packages” that I will never use ? That’s not bloat ?? Nah… course not…..)


Suse cannot see it either.

Wow..this linux stuff sure is user-friendly eh ?????


Quote of the day in #ubuntu: “Use a hardline”


Reinstall disc image. Grub error 17. Dead machine. Wonderful. HUGE kudos to Skippy and SuperLag in #wordpress. Latest ubuntu being downloaded.
Oxymoron: user-friendly Linux


Despite a lot of help, f*ck it. Latest ubuntu downloaded and installed. All this apparently cutting edge code cannot see the sound card, cannot see two NIC’s, cannot – even when hardwired – update devices. So bugger it. Ubuntu has been proclaimed as user-friendly, the answer to everyone’s problems and for me ? It’s garbage. I have wasted more than SEVEN hours trying to get this crap to run, and right now the disc image is going back in. I’ve yet to find if the mbr is screwed again.

Shoot the f*cking penguin.

8 thoughts on “windows wins: linux loses

  1. Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with it. 🙁 Obviously I can only speak from my own experiences, but it took literally around 10-15 mins for me to have a fully running system (even auto detected my network and adsl connection). I’ve never had such a smooth linux install.

    But then as I said I don’t use wifi. You could try asking over at the Ubuntu forums, they seem a friendly bunch over there. That’s if you still want to persevere with Ubuntu anyway (don’t expect any other distro to be any smoother, in my experience linux nearly always takes at least some minor tweaking).

    Not that I’m an expert of course, but I’ve used around 4 different distros so far.

  2. Linux isn’t user friendly no matter what flavour you go for.

    Wherever you heard that they have a different concept of user friendliness to everyone else. Linux makes you work. Sometimes it’s not it’s own fault as it doesn’t have manufacturer support…but in other instances you really do have to learn and work. When I’m running Linux on my beige box I always have to hit the shell to flash my broadband modem (hard wired) because it isn’t recognised at start up. I also had to install drivers written by somebody else as from a fresh install it was dead. Sound card = Audigy = forget it without a lot of tweaking.

    But on the other hand Linux is powerful and secure. Just don’t expect it to work out of the box like Windows

  3. I can’t get my wireless working on my fedora installation either. Actually, since I tried installing my 3com card, it’s not worked since, even in windows (probably coincidence). Otherwise the installation is great, but the wifi has me stumped. I’ve got another wireless card from work (another 3com but it’s a USB thing) but I’m afraid to install it in case it eats that too. Which is a real shame as the system runs so well.

  4. o.0

    First of all, I’d like to point out that (fact) I am running Ubuntu 5.10 on 4 machines on this one desk alone. I wouldn’t be if it was as crap as you seem to say it is.

    Sure, wifi is a bitch in linux. Blame the lack of support the wifi manufacturers give for Linux distros, not the distro. Microsoft have admitted they *pay* hardware manufacturers for their driver support under Windows. Do you actually expect that ‘service’ for a *free*, open source OS?

    The amount of dedication and teamwork for Ubuntu is amazing. Critics have actually stated that Ubuntu is going in the right direction to match Micrsoft Windows Vista in the desktop market. Don’t “shoot the f*cking penguin” just yet.


    P.S. If you’re having problems with wifi adapters under Ubuntu, why didn’t you just try using NDISWrapper?

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