Cover your ears …

I have been persuaded that a Prism chipset is the answer to my woes, so I’m buying a Netgear 511 card later today and then sticking the Ubuntu CD into the drive. I wonder what happens then ? I wonder if I should backup my data ? Would I care if it all went ? Hm…….

And medication withdrawal ain’t so hot. I’ve been headache-free for months – until last night and now I’ve got one that nothing will shift.

EDIT: Did I say “Ubuntu” ?? Good grief no. I’ve seen the inside of kennels more attractive than that brown-fest! LiveCD is the way to go I think. SUSE looked good when I last checked it out (that’s the lizard one ?) or Knoppix (penguin ?). Yup, I’ll grab some iso’s and play before I do the whole “Let’s screw up windows as we get a dual boot going” scenario.

4 thoughts on “Cover your ears …

  1. If the look of Ubuntu is all that’s putting you off, that’s easy changed in 5 mins with a new theme/wallpaper. My Ubuntu desktop doesn’t have any brown bits in sight. 😀

    I’ve used SuSE in the past, it’s not bad but didn’t really grab my attention. Plus you have to pay for the latest version, and I had to fiddle with my hardware drivers a lot more the last time I used it.

    But to each their own. 🙂 I’d suggest trying a few out before you decide on one.

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