Font breaks machine shocker!

Last night I’m talking to Jenn and the subject of fonts comes up. Looking for a cursive font, I open up /windows/fonts and start looking. I delete nothing, I move nothing – I just look. Closing that folder, my system fonts screw up. The font itself changes, the font size in taskbar tabs gets larger, Thunderbird is almost unusable, Agent Ransack IS unusable, changing themes does not help, changing theme settings does not help. Extremely annoyed I was. h0bbel in #wordpress suggested this Google Groups post which sort of worked. But this morning the problems recur – XP f*cked up because I LOOKED at some fonts ?? FFS. So I’m more than angry, and according to the pile of crap that pretends to be a knowledge base, the solution is to run XP Setup again. EH ? How screwed up is THAT ? It’s a bloody font not a set of .dll files ! Incandescent comes close to where I was by now. While I fume, I remember that Debian Sarge has apparently been released so I ponder (stupidly I know) whether linux is also rendered useless if a font is looked at. I joined 4 irc channels. All active, all chatting about sarge this, sarge that, sarge saves the world, sarge is one in the eye for Bill Gates. And yet when I say “Belkin Wireless” all of a sudden no-one says a word. No-one can help. No-one has an answer. Bit like the Daleks and stairs really. So, screw linux then (why do I keep thinking that code which cannot get a wifi card from a large manufacturer working will be of any practical use should it ever be fully installed ?) and back to my machine. Then I remember ERUNT. Fan-bloody-tastic program – and it’s been sitting there backing up system essentials for a few weeks now. Using the last saved file which I know would be good, I restore. Thankfully, all seems okay – fonts return to normal, the useless becomes vaguely usable.
This has taught me:
1 – that XP is gobsmackingly pathetic to fault like it did.
2 – that I have lost my original CD’s so I will download a copy of the OS sometime (hey, shoot me !)
3 – that I really must must must forget about using linux. If it can’t do wifi, it’s useless to me.
4 – that I need to backup more often

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