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I realised today at the gym that I’ve been neglecting the ‘exercise’ bits in favour of the weights so looks like I’ll have to do something about that. And today, one of the rowing machines was out of action !!! I had to wait to use it so did some weights and that threw my lttle routine completely out of the window. Not good. Habits are good.

I read something earlier on Irr.Ti. which is a USA issue and one that I find disturbing but I’ll have to try to not blog about it else people might think this is an anti-US blog. Which it is not. Really !

June 6 …. Must get my music CD thing made and sent, and talking of shiny discs, if you believe that you should have the right to make as many copies of your DVD’s as you wish, head over to read the article here – then go get the program from here – and while you are at it, go get a copy of the most excellent DVD Shrink.

And youngest has gone off to York with the school for a week. It’s after 3:30pm when she would normally be around, so it’s feeling quite odd here !

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