So Google makes it known that it will accept what it is calling “Sitemaps” so that people can submit site structures to “assist” googlebot (like that needs any help whatsoever) and many bloggers are now falling over themselves to get their map in place for the almighty g-bot to visit. WHY ?
The VAST majority of blogs – this one very much included – add nothing but noise to the web. Forget the Blogcebrity stuff for a minute and ponder just how many genuinely original and useful blogs there are – very very few. I’d be pushed to name 3. Your blog is no different – yet we have people constantly asking about how to this for Google, that for Google, ‘bent over far enough am I Google ?'” – why do people do this ? Adsense ? That really it ? You want more traffic ? Why ? Watching your bandwidth rise and rise while you get the same amount of feedback is wierd, not really a cause for jumping around joyfully. It’s odd in that I reckon if you showed your ‘average blogger’ 10 other blogs and asked them if they thought those blogs were worthy of interest and should rank highly in search engines then ‘average blogger’ would probably say no and rate his site as being more worthy – yet all the others would be the same, all trying to play Google to be higher. Bit like asking a car driver if he is better than average – they all are (aren’t you ?).
Of course, the conspiracy theorist in me says that Google sucks all the bloggers in then, just on the eve of some catastrophic news in the Real World and in accordance with some Govt somewhere, does it’s own spin
“Jeez mate, seen the news ? Blair and Bush are going to nuke North Korea!” .. “What ? I’m more bothered about Google taking Adsense off my blogs!”

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3 thoughts on “Sitemaps

  1. I couldn’t put it better myself without the use of excessive profanity, a hammer and a panda with herpes. i find it absolutely staggering that people jump like puppets at the announcement of google something. if google offered virtual google pets you an bet your arse that everyone will want one (god don’t nick my idea you gits!) o neither desktop, while Mr google with his big fat chocolate fingers gets off on watching the privacy stats coming in.

    blogs have made having a website easy – but they’ve also choked the web in terms of USEFUL search results. This is really a hobby, a past time – but people feel their blog deserves an audience “I must be heard, for I exist” – or something equally horny.

    i admit I use gmail but only for the junk entries – my private email remains spam free while gmail takes it like a good girl.

    google sucks, and those following google like lost sheep need to pull their fingers out of their….ears

  2. I was of the same opinion but today came to the (quite probably wrong) understanding that it will work in the same fashion as robots.txt – the bot will find that one post has appeared since last visit, index it and then bugger off again instead of chewing 20Mb bandwidth every time.
    As for courting google, I couldn’t really give a dingo’s kidneys, but I have found a few interesting blogs while searching for (usually unrelated) things, so I guess indexing does have some uses.
    Oh, and gmail makes a great receptacle for storing automatic nightly backups of WP databases :cute:.

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