Slimming down

Being the clean junkie I am with machines, I’ve spent some of this afternoon deleting wodges of what is essentially junk from the /WINDOWS/ folder. (junk being files that are not used rather than the OS!). Doing that, plus hunting down all manner of detritus left by installers, deleting histories, defragging twice and various other bits has given me back nearly 3gig of space – and I have not deleted or uninstalled a single program. Not bad eh ? It’s not like I needed the space, it was more of an exercise in slimming but it’s worked a treat. If you want to dig around and see what is occupying space, the program SequoiaView is highly recommended.

On another topic – has anyone noticed an increase in bad bots ? I’ve had 3 hit my bot trap in the last 2 weeks (now added to the .htaccess).

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