Bush. Continuing stupidity

So the Texan Twat has decided that despite the fact that thousands of decent people want to make poverty history that this just “”doesn’t fit our budgetary process”.”. w.t.f. ?. Explain this … please. The rest of the world has what many many people think is a decent idea, and the head of the USA says “Woah …. not in my game plan”. GWB is stating that the USA is poor ? Must be the case surely because the only explanation must be that the USA cannot afford to pay for it – you know, this IS the CORRECT explanation don’t you ? Can easily afford to keep blasting away in Iraq though, can easily afford to build up for the invasion of Iran – but cannot afford to chip in to help prevent the spread of AIDS.
I like his choice of phrase… “Doesn’t fit our budgetary process”. If you read the thought-provoking http://irregulartimes.com, they had an article yesterday which makes interesting reading. In this article, GWB says of his (drinking and probably drug taking) daughters “I worry about letting these little girls get into a situation where something unpleasant could happen to them”. Well excuse me – I’m fairly bloody confident that your grand frigging plan to grab as much oil as you can has gotten right in the fucking way of many “family processes” as you sent the children of other people to their deaths in a foreign country. I’m sure those parents didn’t think “Hey, let’s breed some bullet fodder for George” yet that is exactly how he sees and treats the offspring of decent people – just like many other leaders do, but at least they’ve probably got the intelligence to not then hand out lines of bullshit about their kids.
Still ….. there are many americans (no, not all, I know that) who will hear both those lines of crap and think that GWB is a decent guy. Idiots.

And Blair ? I wonder what exactly he will do, and I also wonder if it is possible to libel a lying, scheming, pocket-lining, war-mongering, brown-nosing politician such as he. If so, how ? Update: Just caught this in a feed “in free debate erroneous statements are inevitable and must be protected” (http://conformandobey.co.uk) and that link will prove very useful I’m sure – esp the origin of that statement.

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  1. Generally in libel against a politician the defendant is protected by the defence of fair comment on a matter of public interest. Alternatively he can try the Reynolds defence – which rarely succeeds. Best up though is simply to say that you were justified in publishing it because it is true in substance and in fact. Then they will be f*****. Witness Steel v MacDonalds. And represent yourself. It causes chaos. 🙂

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    If you have a WP problem, I suggest you use the forums. This is MY blog, MY webspace and is not attached in any way shape or form to WordPress.

  3. Mark,
    Some Christians believe that AIDS is a punishment from God…and many of those puritanical folks live in the US and helped to get GWB elected. Would it be a stretch to think that just maybe GWB believes the same thing?

  4. Let’s assume – brace yourself ‘cos this one’s a biggie – that GWB is an educated man. He will know that AIDS is no such thing but given the way he can skillfully played the Religious Right so far, this panders to their beliefs while the real reason he does not want to donate – that the USA cannot pay it’s own debts because it’s such a poor country – remains hidden until the next political term at which point his group (hopefully) lose out, the other party get in, the shit hits the fan and Bush blames them. That’s one assumption.

    The other assumption – though more firmly based in truth – is that GWB can probably handle cutlery without slicing himself to bits but otherwise is pretty dumb and manipulated by others. Those others act in the manner I described in the above paragraph and GWB just goes along with the show.

    No – I do not think GWB believes that at all.

  5. …but cannot afford to chip in to help prevent the spread of AIDS…

    Mark, Bush slated 15bil over 15 years for AIDS in countries other than the US. In the US alone his AIDS research funding is the highest it’s ever been, and this was in 2003. I know that G-dub’s not gonna do anything right for you, and I’ve strayed away from political discussion for the most part. I’m pissed off at his budget excess (unlike the classical small-giv conservative idea that the defifict caused by cutting taxes reins in government growth).

    With regards to his being apparently dumb… There have been plenty of anecdotes about the guy during his college years. He’s a master poker player. He’ll reel his opponents in for everything they’ve got before he goes for the death blow, and he’s playing the so-called Religious Right as well as riling up small-gov conservatives as well. To what end, I still do not know.

  6. It’s not that GWB cannot do anything right, it’s just the utter garbage he spouts – and given the rareified atmosphere in which he lives and the lack of Fox News to continually pump us full of whatever they call their product, these soundbites are all we have to go on. And that is fair in that they use those as much as I may abuse them by implying meaning where there is none.
    15bill sounds a lot – but in terms of GDP, it’s not even a whole droplet and does not even begin to compare with other such spending – such as military. Even 15bill in half that time wouldn’t be so great. I haven’t looked into it, but I also doubt very much that the USA gives that cash with ‘no strings attached’ – there are too many regimes yet in Africa.

    And his intelligence ? From here it looks to me like someone somewhere is pulling his strings.

    Nice to hear from you 🙂

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