There is no pain

Fantastic photograph that someone (apologies!) posted in #wordpress yesterday. Shorten the url to see the rest – it’s all great.

I think I’ll change things here tonight, assuming nothing else gets in the way, and hopefully I’ll be able to explain the post title too…….

Here’s a way to get this world poverty issue sorted: The politicians wipe out the debt and agree more aid, and we’ll say Yes to euro-integration. Small problem in that they won’t agree the poverty thing and will keep saying No, yet when they are told No in Euro-votes they just cannot grasp those 2 (or 3) letters. I mean, in French it’s the same no matter which way round it’s looked at !! I’ll bet the Americans (careful, careful … last time I said “Americans” in a post here there was a near riot) are loving the choice of the new French PM – he’s the one that pushed damn hard for there to be no Iraq war. Not for altruistic reasons – good grief no – the French are just pissed that so many contracts are being stolen awarded to the US companies. I guess it gets complex from there in, but either way no matter which language you speak it’s all about money so neither country can claim any moral high ground can they ? (And before certain parties yell, Blair lied to, yea we know – but hey – we are allowed to say so).

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