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On Sunday it’s my birthday (so remember to pop by and say nice things!) so it will be that in years to come I shall lean back in my chair, clasp my hands over my chest as I gaze at whichever fools have chosen to get close enough to listen and say “It was just before my birthday in 2005 that I noticed I was losing my hair”. .. Yeah … its’a going!
I’d shorn it down to very short late last week – my summer coat – and it was while I was at the gym I noticed. There’s a wall of mirrors in front of where the rowing machines are and while I row, I use the mirrors to keep an eye on the scenery – as you do 😉 Last friday though I was aware of an occasional flash of light … things looked slightly different …. I’m rowing and looking, and looking (You know when someone you work with who has a beard or a moustache comes into work clean shaven and you stare at them for a moment before you figure what’s different ? It was a bit like that) (Just in case you are wondering, it was the opposite of when your partner goes out and spends a small fortune on their – usually her – hair and you fail to notice so rendering yourself open to hours of nagging). Anyway, I’m rowing, I realise that there is something slightly different aside from the shorter hair and then it struck me – Ray Reardon!
I’m therefore faced with the choices:

  • Grow hair long and go for the ‘comb over’
  • Keep hair short but neat
  • Shave the lot off and ‘buff my pate’

I suppose one good thing is that the grey hairs will be hidden inside the scalp now because of those 3 options the last one appeals the most. I did ask J what she thought .. and you know what ? You know what the wife said ?? Guess …….. yeah – she’d noticed it but hadn’t wanted to say!! What is it with you women ? Anyway … it’s no big loss as I never did care about my hair – others saw it, I just wore it – so pretty soon I’ll have the skinhead look again 🙂

(and for you non-Floyd people it was “You are receding”)

9 thoughts on “the next line

  1. Hmm. VERY short and neat is OK until it starts to get shiny at the back/top as well as the front. Then a good shave is required. A little stubbly is more sexy than shiny like a cue ball, in my not so humble opinion.
    Combovers are hilarious and hideous in equal measures.

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