Ironing Juice

(re the IMAP post below, I’ve gone with Calypso for now. Ugly as hell but it works).

Anyway…. I’m debating whether to start a blog about Juice, or Ironing. I’ve a domain which could be used for either (listed in the sidebar), and although I like juice I dislike ironing and so there is more mileage in that I feel. So there is the possible cathartic effect of blogging about what is to come, what is proving annoying and then how pleased I feel until it rolls around again. Then of course I aim for #1 in the search engines, get some ads, tout for free gear to review, gather hints and tips from others, have guest bloggers ….. or not. I can’t decide. Run with it for a year ? (Mind, I once watched someone drink a large glass of broccoli juice.)

Another project I’m involved closely with should see the light of day very soon so I’ll be asking really nicely for linkage to that site when it does go live. Right now we are setting up various admin aspects and some fine print but looking damn good it is.

6 thoughts on “Ironing Juice

  1. But think of the news, reviews, product tests, fabric softner shootouts, line versus machine drying, to steam or not to steam?

    Hardcore ironing, extreme ironing, iron related bodyart (brands, tattoos)

    And finally -if you dare…
    Trouser Presses!

    Could be big

  2. Mark on the linkage – by all means. BUT: It might be handy for you if the links contained some keywords. Let us know what you need. We should start a group for it (email only). So instead of *Mark* we put *body art* or whatever. It works well for inline links.

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