Adaware has been updated, and just after that I tried something I really should not have so I have an as yet unknown chunk of spyware running rampant through here. Adaware / Spybot / CWS / MS all can’t remove / see it so I’m waiting for some help ….. it’s been ages since I got something like this.

And there is a Bridgestone Tyre advert on TV which I’m finding fantastically annoying – maybe it’s the voiceover which (as I have ranted about before) indicates that while they may think they’ve got a premium high-class product, they are just cheap spivs when it comes to creating content that is ‘per country’ and instead use a generic voiceover. It sounds crap guys .. get a grip.

Update:: Still no help coming through where I’ve posted, but I’m following similar threads. This VX2 / Aurora stuff is serious crap. Look like a minimum of 3 additional programs are needed to what I’ve got, and Safe Mode is involved. I have tried some of it but with zero success. Careful where you play there !

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