#irc tonight

AJ and myself will be in #bodyart and also in #ajpodztvnightmare on irc.freenode.net from around 7pm so do drop in 🙂

I forgot to add – though some of you will have figured it out – that the ‘Subscribe to Comments’ is now checked by default. I did check that out before I made the change but if you have any problems let me know and I’ll sort that out. Of course, if a bounce is setup you won’t get the mail – I do 🙂 (/me stares at the alchemist).

I’ve forgotten the name of the Nigerian email scam, but I switched on this morning to find 3 people who I would suspect of this trying to add me to their Skype list. I think not eh ? Guess that’ll be a regular thing – I really ought to look into what this thing does / how it works. Or maybe not – cannot be that complex.

15 thoughts on “#irc tonight

  1. Yes he does – I value Craig’s opinions.

    I thought for quite some time about whether or not to make this change, and I also tried out subbing to comments elsewhere.
    My take is this: There are comments you make – we all make – which are intended as light-hearted throwaway lines. I’d say these are generally made on blogs you frequent a lot. They are inconsequential though. For such as these, following up comments is almost pointless.
    But there are other comments you make into which you pour some thought and consideration. You are not just commenting, you are starting a conversation – be that with the blog owner or another poster. These comments you feel more strongly about and you do wish to see how the topic progresses. From experience, I have forgotten to subscribe to some comments, then forgotten where I even commented.

    So..on balance I figured that seeing as comments were there in both ways, and that getting follow up stuff was quite cool and that the plugin worked, I went with default.

    I would dare to say that one post here would not now be closing on 100 comments were it not for that plugin. Whether that is a good thing or not is debatable but surely bloglife ain’t so bad ? 🙂

  2. Now that Cameron mentions it, I notice that it sometimes does take quite a while to get a response from your site, whether it’s on initial load or posting a comment. I surmised it’s because the 1s and 0s have so far to swim across the Atlantic and then that 5000km journey across Canada to my house! 😛

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