Initial Impressions:

Derek – the ‘reasoner’. Minces. Too overt. Win ? No
Lesley – Chav Dog. Makes Jade look clever. Win ? Hell No.
Sam – Big headed. Nothing there really. Win ? No
Maxwell – Chav Lad. Is Lesley his missus ? Nooooo
Vanessa – Redefines ‘vacuous’. No.
Anthony – Could be amusing. Possible.
Roberto – Likes himself. A lot. Late finisher ?
Makosi – Hidden strangeness there. Damn odd. No.
Craig – “Swearing. It’s Big but I ain’t clevur”. Not a frigging chance.
Mary – Odd. Finds doors confusing. Late finisher ?
Science – Underneath that front ? Probably a nice guy. Possible.
Saskia – Could be fun. Late finisher.
Kemal – Errm….. err…… NO idea !

Well ….. we’ll see how wrong I’ve been 🙂

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4 thoughts on “BB6

  1. Your summing up of the contestants was very similar to mine. I’m not sure about Derek though, he might show a bit of substance later on. Lesley’s ‘webpage’ was exactly as I thought it would be. I felt that there was a lot of ‘sameness’ this year – they are predominantly very young, and I thought several of them were a bit chav-y.

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