It would seem that a certain Pro-hunting campaigner has been found guilty of violating the Public Order Act. I wouldn’t want to give publicity to the cossetted fool with the famous father, so instead I shall present some anagrams of his name:
and in the spirit of Private Eye, I offer some more anagrams of his name. Be warned that if you have not read the above story, this could give the game away…
“I’m a stupid upper class wannabe”
“I’m a fuckwit with a famous father and I can get away with this crap”
“I support tearing wild animals to bits”
“I’m so hopeless this was my only way to fame”
and finally
“I knew that being part of the ‘hunting class’ we’d get off lightly”

4 thoughts on “Lawbreakers

  1. Y’know what makes me laugh about this story (and I mean laugh in a “if-I-don’t-laugh-at-this-I’m-gonna-be-sick” kinda way), is the fact that one of the upper-class twits got permission to miss a court date because, and get this, he was playing polo.

    I mean, is it just me, or should known suspected criminals actually still have the right (or the support from the public) to represent their country at any sport (*cough* RIO *cough*). And is this someting I could use if I ever have to appear in court? Or perhaps my daddy doesn’t have enough money for my excuse to count for anything.

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