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So … what have I been up to then ? I’ve bought a new domain which may or may not get a public airing at some point in the next week. It’ll be a sandbox like my other one at http://www.tamba2.net, and right now there is one sub-domain for a friend http://ted-crane.tamba2.net which if you know how to hide links it would be cool that you linked to, and another there which is protected. It’s there for another friend to develop his site away from certain eyes until the grand unveiling toward summer’s end – if you’ve been with WP for a long time you’ll recognise the name when he pops up.

And here are some snippets from a couple of text files I just found while clearing a folder. I have NO clue what I was thinking that caused me to write:

1. Years ago on my AmstradCPC6128, I had the Brunword Word Processor. I later migrated to Protext on ROM but at the time, all the essays I did were done using Brunword. Then one day, as I was about finishing a 5000 word essay the majority of which I had just typed in one go, I clipped the wrong key. Everything was deleted. All gone. I rang the developer and he said that the words were still in the machine somewhere but they were irretrieveable. I learned that day to save and save regularly.

2. I write a lot here, and like it says somewhere around here, I write about whatever I want, when I want. I am (I suppose) fairly lucky in that I am not constrained by anything – I have no employer snooping around. I am also perfectly happy to write what may be considered by others to be inflammatory material – not in an effort to provoke for the sake of it, but because it is how I feel at that point in time. I do not selectively re-edit posts to justify what I have done, I do not practice revisionism at all. My blog, my thoughts.
That said, I am aware that some readers have views which run directly away from mine, and I try at times to ameliorate what I am typing because although I do wish to express my views, I do not wish to upset people unduly. You can be assured that if I want to offend you, my words and actions will leave you in no doubt whatsoever about my feelings. Really – there will be no grey area.

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