Two Soups

D has a lad she fancies. She talks to him every night on MSN using mic and webcam, she talks for far too long every night too ….., she is listening to the music he likes, we can hear her chatting and laughing and being the parent I am of my 14 year old daughter, the fact that Gary lives in Middlesbrough, some 270miles away is comforting. I have bought her a headset mic though 🙂

We took a huge pile of mail to the Estate Agents yesterday. All arriving here for the landlord – even US Voting Forms ! (I’d ask Why….). Also took a CD of pictures which show various parts of the house so when we leave they can’t point the finger and say it was our fault. The CD is also backed up and the files stored too. My money says it will come in damn useful.

And I am ridiculously busy. In the last week I must have done full-time online support and it’s got a little tiring the last two days what with real-life stuff creeping in. I’ve decided that I’m going to do this voice/msn stuff too (not voip – unless you know different – that costs) but only because it should speed things up a whole lot. D can teach me and hopefully Miranda will have plugins or whatever for it all to “just work”.

BB … Friday … E4 on Freeview … you think that’s exciting ? Hell Noooo…. !!!!! You need to be here:


from whenever BBLB starts. Live commentary, madeup gossip, predictions, insults, profanity, inanity !

And the post title ? It’s J’s new nickname 🙂

8 thoughts on “Two Soups

  1. Zenith – I have ! I’m now on it ! I await being swamped with WP Support calls ! 🙂

    Splee – it IS crap though.. it’s car-crash TV. I loved series one, partly because of the novelty, partly because the tasks were damn hard and partly because there was little playing to the cams. Since then it has got steadily worse, but I’ll still watch and with E4 going free I can watch even more !

  2. Mark – It’s like the office in the ‘car crash’ aspect. So cringe-worthy you’ve got to keep watching and waiting to see what the weirdos do next! 😯

    Jo – Awesome. I know someone just like that and I’m going to steal that from you. Two Sheds. Classic.

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