Managing Music

How do you do yours ? I don’t mean on your computer, I’m talking about an mp3 player.

With storage space hardly being at a premium, it’s tempting to just upload everything but then is space being wasted by those tracks you either always skip or just forget ?

  1. Upload whole albums and listen religiously to every track, in the right order, every time
  2. Upload whole albums but pick and choose, inevitably ending with skipped tracks which you never get round to deleting ?
  3. Upload only the tracks you actually like ?
  4. Use Random or Playlists ?

There isn’t a best way I know, but right now I’m veering toward (3) and Playlists for things like the gym.

11 thoughts on “Managing Music

  1. #3. I upload all the tracks off a CD, then rate the songs. I nuke ’em off iTunes and my (10GB) iPod if they get a 1 rating.

    I have a bunch of smart playlists:

    for rock/alternative music rated 4-5
    for rock/alternative music rated 3
    for rock/alternative music rated 4-5 that I haven’t listen to in the past two weeks
    for R&B/Rap/Hip-hop rated 4-5 (that I listen to once in a blue moon)
    Podcasts I haven’t listened to

    I’m way more religious about keeping my iPod clear of any stuff I won’t listen to.

  2. I’ve uploaded all of my favourite albums but I’m not heavily into music so I don’t have that many. Then I pick and choose, and I make playlists. But being fickle, I delete playlists when I get fed up with them. I find iTunes really useful (I’ve got a Shuffle).

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