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Files that it is intended a user edit through the WP online editor should not have stupid amounts of indentation. In fact, they should have NONE. ZERO. NIL. If you want to look clever, fine, but go do it somewhere it does not impact on a user. Do what you want with core files, but index.php ? Indented to hell and back ? No No NO. (It’s ONE f*cking theme that drives me nuts on this. I would release an indentation free theme, but all it would consist of would be <?php ?>)

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  1. Well, it’s become obvious to me that the only concern for the future of WordPress from the core developers is WordPress itself. I’m seeing little or no indication of responding to the myriad of issues surrounding the functionality of the forums and access to necessary resources to get WP to behave like a trained seal. But hey, now the support forum has tags. Hundreds and hundreds have been pining for that for a long time.

  2. When I am now asked by anyone to fix their blog, and that blog is of the Kubrick persuasion (the one f*cking theme) I am indeed going to replace that ridiculously formatted header.php, the stupidly indented main index and I’m also going to run the CSS through the optimiser to remove the excess formatting and comments there.
    Here was me thinking WP was all about ‘usability’ and we have THAT crap in there.

    (Note for the pedants: I have dissed the appearance only.)

  3. I love that comment that goes somethng like *guess what ? align right aligns – to the right *. Something like that. Well it would do if the W3C spec did not require a floated element to have its width declared. OT on blockquote validation borkage which incidentally affects WP and TXP users – how about this for a little gem – buried deep in the arcania of the html specs. A blockquote needs a p inside it to validate. Now as Micheal Caine would say: Not many people know that.

  4. Tek – absolutely not 🙂

    I am merely pointing out that in the WP online editor, the default theme uses such a huge amount of tabbing that it makes it incredibly difficult to read.
    I am not criticising the code commenting (though I feel for bandwidth purposes it would be better in a readme), neither am I criticising the code itself, or the css used, or indeed the appearance. My feelings on those have not been revealed here and the post was not going to focus on those aspects. If I want to talk about those, I will.

    There is no reason why the editable files cannot be cleaned up in the main download. Any why do I give a damn ? Because I’m getting fed up of users mailing / IM’ing me and I discover that they have broken their site because they were confused.
    I just want things user-friendly, and I could not care who wrote the damn code.

  5. I also think though that: Before the forum helpers get started on the mess the end user has often run the code through an intermediate code producing app like Dreamweaver or some such and that has borked all the indenting. I can scarcely bring myself to look at the damn stuff but Mark are you confirming it is like that out of the box ? And Tek: Does your web site suck ? I dont know. 🙂

  6. Well you can always visit it root and find out 😉

    But I do use a template that was based on kubric that then I did some tweaking of my own to it. So maybe it does suck from a code standpoint. Visually, I really like it. On the backend? Its actually a pain in the ass. I have to make sure my posts are perfect before posting them or editing becomes a real bitch.

  7. Well you never know. Next thing we know the in line styling will be taken out. That would be more exciting progress backwards to where we got started 12 months ago with new fangled ideas like erm separated CSS. Some guys remember that. That was just before a funny bloke who lives in Denmark; and nobody had ever heard of; got the job of designing the default interface on an app that probably now has a quarter of a million users. I do not know why Matt doesnt send Eric or Doug an email. A couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon and it would all be fixed.
    @ Tek: Your blog is far too exciting for me. 🙂

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