Getting organised

I went and got all busy …. damn ! That busy I’ve rejigged my wiki. See ? I’ve got one project that I’m doing with Lorelle for WP, I need to install WP a few more times into my sandbox domain and add some information to that index, a guy in the US wants more stuff doing for his site, another guy has an upcoming project and yet another bloke has something he is sending my way too so he says. On top of that, I’m doing other bits WP related, and then just to top it all off, I am also part of the newly launched So yeah … I needed to get organised and it was dokuwiki to the rescue. I debated putting it online and password protected but then it’s running here under xampp perfectly happily, so here it stays.

A certain red car in the Monaco race just got broken. Shame 🙂 🙂 🙂

Upgrading …. In my hopping around blogs I installed for people I can see many are not running the latest If you are unsure about upgrading at all – and I installed it for you in the first place or have previously done work on your blog – then how about you drop me an email with any reasons why you are unsure about the upgrade, and then I’ll do it for you if you wish ? I get info to push toward WP that can be learned from, and you get shiny new code. Deal ?

6 thoughts on “Getting organised

  1. I’ve not upgraded because I’ve seen a lot of problems on the forums come up and I am also so proud of th work I did on my site that I fear I may break it and it won’t work. There are already enough little problems here and there I don’t want to invite more. =(

  2. Hi Mark

    I’d like to go to but as you can imagine I’ve got a wee bundle of joy (and really shitty nappies) to look after just now 🙂

    I’ve got as far as downloading the update, looked at the instructions but as I’ve done a few changes it’s A) trying to remember what I’ve done and B) actually getting the time.

    Well, thinking about it now, I think all I’ve done is change the code in the footer, added the hit counter on the right hand side, added the code for next/previous entries at the bottom of the page and finally changed the image on the top.

    So, if you’re looking for a project and want paid in slobbery kisses (From Ollie, not me!)or even some Summer Fruits Desert then let me know 😉


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