Early on a Saturday

The next phase of infiltrating every last corner of the net continues as Google roll out their “Adsense for RSS” crap. I cannot be the only person who when they see ads in any feed clicks the DELETE button. I don’t even care who supplies the ads – I don’t want them. Given the way information is presented in a reader, screen estate is at a premium so why would I want to clutter my screen with something I’m not going to click anyway ?. If you want to make Google richer, use it. If you want people to cancel your feed, use it. If you’ve any decency, don’t. (And if someone would be so kind as to invent the “Adblock for Feeds” that would be fantastic.)

So ….. what else this week: Asthma; – something in this house is triggering mine and it is getting worse, quite significantly worse actually. Not good. How the hell do I start trying to find trigger ? Youngest; – has something wrong but we know not what, probably metabolic, awaiting appt with a specialist. Zelda; – my game save has been corrupted…crapsticks and as I’m sure you know, WordPress came out the other day and it’s lovely. Go get it.

And my little sandbox domain has generated some work which is nice.

Oh yes.. warez. Warez ….. now either the world just got honest (ha ha ha) or people stopped asking for cracks/serials (that’s wrong too probably) or Google have started to filter against that type of stuff. I notice less websites and less information in newsgroup searches than was there maybe a year or two ago. I know where to look and it’s all still there, in fact there may even be more information, yet Google chooses not to let users see that. Now you either filter / censor or you do not. It is, but hey, you know Google is acting in your best interests don’t you ?

12 thoughts on “Early on a Saturday

  1. I completely agree, ads in RSS feeds is taking it a tad too far.

    So sorry to hear about your daughter, hope it goes well with the specialist and things pick up for her.

    Regarding your asthma – I seem to remember you didn’t move all that far away? If so this may not be relevant, but I know when I moved from London to Hull that simply the change in the air disturbed my asthma. I had quite an adjustment period to begin with. Not saying it’s the same for you, but it’s a possibility. Other than that I’d suggest the obvious and ask your GP, I’ve no idea how they test for what it is you’re allergic to.

  2. Mark,
    I agree with joss. Moving into a new house with new microbes that you’ve never been exposed to, or at least in those various combinations/strengths could account for your body doing a “WTF”.

    Let’s not forget that your house is also full of dead skin from the previous occupants. It will take a while before you get used to breathing their dander.

    Ugh. Hope you get better soon. Or even quicker than that!

  3. Craig – I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for filling my mind with probably the grossest thought I have had so far in 2005.
    It reminds me of a joke:
    “What is the worst thing about having a heart/lung transplant ?”
    “Coughing up someone else’s phlegm”

    Dino – Wooden floors you say ? nah… they’ll never catch on 😉

    Zenith – dust mites and feathers 🙂 Both have nearly killed me before but I’m past that stage I think !

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