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  1. It is yes, though to be honest any sort of translation is a good thing and nothing I would fuss about. Every time someone posts to the forum whose first language is not english, it makes us look very insular, even though if we can’t read/write any other language then there is little we can do about it. Guess this is where the volunteers step in – we can’t babelfish everything !

  2. I can just visulise it now on the front cover of the Indian Tech times mag, Guru Mark sab.Wordpress help guides in Hindi and a pic of a grinning Mark complete with turban. Much Kudos for the man and his guides that have helped entire continents.

  3. Dear Sir/Madam

    Discover the nature of the act of vandalism delivered by a child on his father in one of the worlds most beautiful sites. (Remember in your consideration to some symmetry is beauty.) and the prize will be yours to be opened.

    request, Can someone translate English to Hindi above sentence.


  4. Dear Friend
    You must have experienced it too, just in the middle of a very interesting conversation all of sudden you go blank trying to find a suitable word its there in your mind but its not coming out How do feel at that time!
    On line translation would definitely be very relaxing feature if its possible Can you do something about it please 1
    best regards

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