Friday Night meandering….

Kelly Osbourne has just been on Johnathon Ross…. wow that girl is UGLY.

D came up with a compromise so right now she is out with her mates, doing whatever it is that she wants and at some time in the early hours she’ll roll back with a couple of mates in tow. …… ah …scrub that … her and a bunch have just trooped in and upstairs. Hmmm…..

Followed a few threads / posts / comments from the forums earlier. Odd how some people when away from the forums will bleat and bitch about WP yet when asking for help move to being positively sycophantic. Have a viewpoint and stick to it ffs.

It’s getting noisy upstairs…

7 thoughts on “Friday Night meandering….

  1. kelly osbourne – is that the guy who does stars in your eyes or something?

    as for WP, that whole security thing has been…interesting to say the least. WP has a lot going for it, but like any community it can improve both the software and the community. not sure about the way those looking for an alternative way to fix the security issue were shot down with a cannon the size of america. no community is perfect, no blogging tool is perfect, but if people listen to one another, then may be it will go in the right direction.

  2. I couldn’t give two sh*ts about the frigging security issue.
    We had people saying “Hey, gimme the fix” who would NOT have appreciated what it was for, others saying they wanted it just because they could be arsed to actually upgrade and the ‘holier than thou’ twats trying to preach about this and that.
    All I was bothered about – and others – was that the upgrade was done properly. If people are trying to be that bloody clever about it all, then either go figure out the f*cking security issue yourself or STFU.
    The software is written – WP improves all the time. The community can only improve itself from within, and right now there are some plain vicious people around who just seem bent on destruction.

    And let’s get this security issue into some perspective here…… so your blog is hacked… does that remove the roof from your home ? Does it disfigure you ? Does it cause world suffering ? Of course not, and if you backup regularly, you’ll lose MINIMAL data. It’s no big deal here – it’s a BLOG, it is NOT real life ffs.


  3. Sounds like I missed something GOOD! I must say, that other than a brief foray into the forums late last night, I’ve not even set foot in the place for a long time. I don’t miss it at all. What I do miss is the excitement of discovery I had when I first started with WordPress. That’s long gone, and now it just seems like drudgery. I’m so jaded right now that I can’t even come up with my own design; I have to resort to begging Jennifer to make me one. She’s the best! Well, so is Root. And Lorelle. And Kaf. Oh, and that scary Brit too, whatzizname…Rodz? No, NODZ. Shit…that’s wrong…Mark! That’s it! I can think of a lot more great folks, too.

  4. Glad D managed to figure things out! Have to say I’m not looking forward to the teenage years with my daughter. I’m thinking of running away from home next April. 🙂

    With the WP thing – yes, it never ceases to amaze me how two-faced people can be. It’s one of the reasons I tend to stay away from large community forums these days.

  5. I feel as though I am in deprogramming from some kind of cult. TXP rocks. And I have just got started on OSCommerce. Having a lot of fun.
    I want to do more blogging and less obsessing with the application itself. All of us in this thread have been there, bought the tee shirt and carry the scars. 🙂 Twelve months in blogging is about 4 generations. 🙂

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